Budget Buy: Dove Face & Hand Wash

I have really dry and sensitive skin so I have pretty much always used dove products. I have tested and tried many new cleansers, toners and moisturisers and even organic ones, but nothing comes close to this. It is an all rounder...

When using makeup wipes to remove your makeup, it will never fully cleanse your face. Next time you remove your makeup with a wipe, take some toner to a cotton pad and go over your face. You will 99% of the time remove further makeup from your skin. Might I just say, it isn't good to rely on makeup wipes to cleanse your skin properly. Take a little extra time before bed to use a bottled cleanser to remove any makeup or just generally wash your face and neck. It will make sure that you have a deeper cleanse and help prevent any build up of bacteria on the skin, therefore reducing spots, pimples and unruly blemishes!

This multipurpose handwash and  facial cleanser, removes my makeup, helps reduce those pesky blemishes and spots and always leaves my skin silky smooth, hydrated, and energised. It is great value for money and affordable, especially serving two puposes. It is long lasting and if you are like me and have dry/sensitive skin you should definitely try it!!

Let me know in the comments below, or on twitter your thoughts or snap me a photo on instagram of your new healthy glowing skin!

Untill then! Ciao for now!

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