Budget Buy: My 'go-to' lip repair

CARMEX lip repair in 'cherry'

I tend to find that when my lips are dry, they are very dry. For years I have just whipped out my handy Vaseline in times of need which has been helpful, but let's face it not great for repairing already damaged lips!...

My Friends at UNI had always recommended 'Carmex' so I decided it was about time to purchase one. I chose the squeezey tube one for practicality but there are others you can buy in different forms like in tins and balms etc.

I applied this onto my finger and then rubbed it onto my lips and literally within the hour I could feel a massive relief. Not only did it smell and taste amazing on my lips I only needed the smallest amount which went along way. So I applied a few more times during the day and within 12 hours my lips were as soft as anything!

So all in all, this is definitly worthy a purchase for your handbag, especially with summer on its way! I also believe it has SPF in which is even better!! On the other hand, for us Brits its more than worth a buy for taking on your summer holidays as we obviously never have summer in the UK! 

These very efficient and handy products can be purchased at any supermarket/drugstore/boots/superdrug etc i think it's about £2.50-3.00

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