Top 5: Favourite Bronzers

Introducing, my summer sun in the form of makeup! As we all know when summer comes, we all stock up on our favourite bronzers. For me, bronzer is an all year rounder, but with the gorgeous English weather (which won't last long i'm sure) I think that a post on which bronzers can make you a bronze beauty godess is much needed!!

Top Left we have Urban Decay Flushed Palette. 
For me this product is great as it gives me a beautiful bronze, a subtle blush and a gorgeous highlighter for my cheekbones. Perfecet combination of colours for summer and it all comes in one product! The bronzer section in this pallette is matte, (can sometimes become shimmery if you catch the highlighter in your brush), but so so buildable. I usually swish my brush onto it and tap of any excess. I apply it all over my face in the summer but if I feel like I need more definition, I take a smaller powder brush (try the real techniques brush) and build up the colour just underneath my non existant cheek bones!

For the highlight and blush segments I follow the usual applications- nothing extravagant! 

I wasn't compleltely familiar on the KIKO brand I must say, but earlier on this year I went to Barcelona for a birthday getaway, and stumbled across a gorgeous little makeup boutique shop in the cobblestoned streets of Espanya. As I went in, I was instantly drawn to all the bronzers and blushers all set out so beautifully. (It was love at first sight!) I picked up this bronzer as it looked so lovely and light, and looked like it would give the most gorgeous subtle bronze look. After the lady in the shop advised me to get this colour it was a no brainer! This bronzer has a matte finish, and can be used as a contour, or applied all over the face for an overall bronze look. P.S this bronzer is not at all orangey even though it does look it slightly in the photo!

In the centre is NARS duo in Laguna Bronzer and Orgasm Blush. 
After hearing and seeing so many beauty bloggers rave about these two colours, I desperatly wanted to try them. I couldn't decide which one to buy as they are a little pricey, and I couldn't afford them both! *cried a little inside* untill I found the duo! Sorted. SO I got them both! Anyway, so at first, I didn't see what the big fuss about this bronzer was, as I felt like you could get the same look with a cheaper bronze. However, the more I used it, the more I began to dissagree with myself! This bronzer lasts SO LONG! it is buildable yet never too overpowering. I would say it is 98% matte but leaves the most beautiful golden bronze as if you have just come back of holiday! I like to apply this bronzer all over my face in the summer as it makes me feel happy! I can honestly say that I will be forking out the $ to buy myself an individual Laguna Bronzer as it is so. worth. the. money...!

Bottom Left is Laura Mercier Portable Pallette to go with the bronzer in number 5. 
I love this bronze. In order to give myself definition under my cheekbones, I usually just use the same bronzer that I have applied on my face, and build it up under my cheekbones, untill I found this. This bronzer is quite dark and very pigmented. It's one of those products that you have to tap off almost all of the product, or blend it onto your hand before applying it. Saying that, when you do apply it, it looks amazing! I only use this bronzer for definition as I feel that for me it is too dark and too pigmented to use all over my face. I take my small Real Techniques brush to contour my cheekbones with this product and POW! you've gone from having minimal/no cheekbones (if you're like me), to million dollar cheekbones in seconds!
Word of warning: if this is your first time using this bronze, apply it really lightly and build up if need be! This bronze has a slight shimmer so don't let it over power your beautiful face!

Bottom Right is MAC bronzer in 'Refined Golden' (I much prefer products having names than numbers!) Right, I know that it may seem stupid to put a product into this post that gives you no indication to the colour but, I love it so much and will post a link to it so you can see it better, as it is so lovely! This is a shimmery golden bronze that literally lights up your face! Its so light, and sheer yet leaves your skin looking like youv spent a good amount of time on a sunny beach far away in the Carribbean or something! The subtle shimmer that it gives is so beautiful, and looks so lovely paired with a coral lip and peachy cheeks. This bronzer really enhances a tan (experienced by me & said by MAC themselves) and is suitable for all your skin types.

This was a very long post but hopefully it was worth it!

What are your favourite bronzers? Tweet me a picture @alystephens or leave a comment down below as I'd love to hear what you think!


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