The Review: MAC Mineralize Foundation & Powder

I have never been a lover of powder, therefore if you were to take a look through my makeup collection you would probably find no more than two powders completely untouched...

The reason for this blog post is to share with you a rare purchase and a reason into why someone like me, the hater of all powders has spent hard earned cash on the MAC mineralised powder/foundation. 

So for my 21st birthday back in February, I opened a gift card to get my makeup done in my local MAC store. So off I went with my preferred makeup look in mind (a dewy looking summer bronze with their input in colours for the long awaited English summer). After a consultation on my skin, the MA advised that the mineralised moisture range would really benefit me due to my dry and dehydrated skin. (I will write another blog post on all the products she used on me at a later date).

It came to the powder application and the MA asked me if I use powder etc to which I replied a resounding no. She told me that she will apply this really sheer moisturising powder to sections of my face that need it the most (t-zone) so I can see how amazing it is. Due to it being a part of the mineralised moisture range, the finish on this powder is non matte so you won't get that disastrous fake cake powder look, but what you will get is a beautiful dewy but great coverage look. I obviously was a bit hasty at first but once I saw how great this powder was I was beyond impressed!!- Que the 'I told you so'. 

So if you are looking for a powder that is not cakey, that is loose and long lasting and will leave that beautiful dewy foundation you have just applied still look dewy but you need your fix of do-it-all powder  then this is the baby for you! It can also be applied on top of a bb/cc cream for a really natural look that will give you coverage and look amazing too if your not much of a foundation type of person. 

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