Summer Skin: St Tropez

So, it's inevitable we all desire to have Victoria Secrets models gorgeous bronzed skin, but unfortunately some of us are not sun worshipers *hides head* and if too much time is spent in the sun, we end up looking more like a lobster than the desirable so called beach babe. So therefore, this post is dedicated for those of you who are reading this nodding your head vigorously!

The product: I have tried and tested many a fake tan in my time and can honestly say that St Tropez is  like no other! There are lots of good fake tan products on the market but for me, this product suits my skin perfectly! There are a few different formulas for this product, (gel, mousse, spray etc..) but I always go for the mousse. Why you ask me? Because.. It is so lightweight, it literally dries so soft and smooth on your skin thanks to the aloe Vera ingredient within, there is no danger of any unwanted streaks, regardless of whether you are a pro tanner or a beginner! It's so golden and natural looking, regardless of your skin tone it will not ever go orange, *que the cheer* and to top it off it doesn't smell!! In fact, I like the scent it has!

Application: St tropez has many different tan products, instant tan, gradual tan, wash on wash off tan etc, but this product is the instant tan. Basically, when you apply it to you body (preferably with a fake tan mit or latex glove) the colour instantly shows on your body so you can see where you have applied it. Brilliant!! Once you have covered the areas you want to tan, you leave the product on for a good 8-10 hours before you wash it off so that it can develop on your body. (I like to do it before I go to bed, sleep on it, then wash it off in the morning!) Truthfully, I would advice washing this off with a once over in the shower because when it washes off your shower will look like you have rolled around in a mud bath.. so you can only imagine what it would be like bathing in it!

Tip: Don't panic once you have applied it all over and then look in the mirror and think 'oh my...' because it is not meant to look amazing when you first apply it, the buscuity brown colour that you look like now I can promise you, won't be the colour you turn out! Like I said it washes the excess of and leaves you bronzed and beautified! If you look after it, your new St Tropez tan can last you a whole week!! *Trialed*Tested*Proven*

Note: The price tag direct with St Tropez is a little hefty, try a drugstore such as Tesco, Boots, or Superdrug where more often than not, offers are on for St Topez! Have a browse through the web as I managed to get mine for £14.00 (half the price!) I can't honestly remember where from though sorry guys! *Hangs head in shame*

St Tropez not for you but you still want that longed for summer skin?- If you have tried St Tropez and it wasn't for you, maybe it wasn't the finish or colour you were looking for or you just generally want a change, I would suggest trying the Fake Bake fake tan product, which is a little heavier but has ingredients within it that when applied onto the skin, overnight or throughout the day (before you wash it off) it works with the melanin in your skin (the stuff that determines the colour your skin goes- and how much you tan naturally) and leaves a really natural colour that blends with your skin tone perfectly. I would choose to purchase this item in liquid form as I feel it is easier to apply this way. Follow the application tips for the St Tropez tan above if you are going to try this option! At £22.95 this product may tug at your purse strings a little!

I will be uploading a more detailed post on how to prolong your fake tan, and make it look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G so keep your eyes peeled!

What are your comments on this post? Have you tried either of these products and loved the end result? Tweet me @alystephens or leave me a comment down below, I'd love to hear your feedback!!


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