Welcome to Dubai! As I had the most amazing time in one of the most amazing places I have ever visited, I really wanted to share with you what we got up to whilst we were here and some, ok alot of our photos!

So whilst we were in Dubai, George and I stayed at the Mina a'Salam on Jumeriah Beach and it was the most beautiful place I have ever been lucky enough to stay! 
Day 1


All aboard and ready for a long journey, I rested my little head on the comfiest plane seat ever *thanks Quantas* and woke up the next morning in the middle east. We got a taxi from the airport to our hotel which was called the Mina A'Salam on Jumeriah Beach. I spent the entire taxi journey with my mouth wide open, looking out the window at the most beautiful sites in the city. We stepped out into 100% humidity and 42'c heat! Wow.

Day 2


Chilled by the pool//Walked along the beautiful white sands//Hopped on the buggy to Wild WadiWaterpark//Abra boat to the souk// Shopping at the Souk//Noodles// Abra boat tour around the Madinat (the small manmade lake our hotel was on with a few other hotels/villas)// Drinks & live music at the bar overlooking Palm Islands and Arabian Sea//Sleep!

Day 3

 Ranging 35-45 degrees//Wild Water Water Park//Jumeriah Scarer (SO SCARY!!)//Sunbathing&pool//Jumeriah Emirates Towers//Dubai Mall//Aquaraium//Meat&Co.//Gold Souk//Burj Khalifa// Watershow// Drinks on the balcony//

I loved/hated experiencing the Jumeriah Scarer which is the scariest water ride I have ever been on! I don't have a picture as it was a waterpark and that would be silly but if you click here this is their website, go and look for the ride! Basicly you climb to the top of the slide, and stand in this capsule with panoramic views of the city its so high up! and it counts down 3, 2, 1! and the floor just drops underneath you and you drop vertically down into pitch black!! So scary I screamed the entire way down. I also loved having a drink on the balcony in the hotel room, overlooking the most beautiful views of the Arabian Sea.

Day 4


35-45 Degrees//3 course lunch// Old Dubai//Old gold souk//Taxi tourguide- Tariq!//Atlantis the palm//Dinner at Zabeel Saray//Drinks at the bar//

It was lovely to visit Old Dubai and see the famous original Gold Souks, sorry I dont have a picture for this but at the time we were too busy trying to bustle through the crowds and keep moving!! However being pestered constantly to come into their shops was a little intimidating for me unfortunately. Driving on the Palm Islands, seeing the Atlantis in all its glory and eating at the Zabeel Saray was extremely exciting!!

Day 5

 A couple we met on the trip dared George to run to the horizon, and he did! (Our Horizon as his would have kept on going hehe) He ran to the furthest peak!! (See next photo!)

Dune bashing//Eagle show//4x4 on the sand dunes//bare foot on the dunes//Camel Ride//Arabic dinner in the desert//Belly dancing//drinks and live music//Shisha//

Dune bashing was such an amazing experience, one of my favourite days of the holiday! We were picked up at 4.30pm and arrived home around 11pm. This included transport to and from the hotel, a falcon show, dune bashing, stop off in the dunes to walk around and take photos, a camel ride, dinner, shisha and belly dancing in this beautiful camp in the middle of the desert!! We booked it with Arabian Adventures, if your planning to book some trips in Dubai then check them out! Amazing value for money.

Day 6

Water feature in the Burj Al Arab Lobby!

The celing in the Burj Al Arab!!

Entering the Roof Top Bar...

Breakfast at the Wharf//Triple Tube//Beach//Ice cream and the mall at the Atlantis on the Palm//Dinner at Jumeriah Beach Hotel// Drinks at the roof top bar at the Burj Al Arab//

We both had an amazing and fun time on the watersports, and seeing the sights from the rooftop bar at the Burj!

Day 7 (Home day *crys inside*)








Breakfast at the Wharf//Swimming pool & last lot of sunbathing// Dinner at the Cheesecake company at the Dubai Mall//Holiday purchases//Water Fountain at the Burj Khalifa// Airport// Duty Free// Chanel// Kiehl's//Dubai International to London Heathrow//

If you are planning or have a holiday/trip booked to the Dubai and are worried about the rules and laws and important things to remember, then I have written below a few tips that I picked up that may help you relax and enjoy your trip!

If this does not apply to you and you do not want to read any more, than thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this lifestyle post and please leave a comment. For almost daily photos and to see what I'm up to, follow my instagram and add me on twitter!

Appropriate Clothing
-In the hotel complex and private beaches (usually a private beach linked with your hotel), bikinis and normal swimwear is fine! Take a sarong/khaftan just to put over you when walking through the hotel and to and from the beach!
-At dinner, I usually wore a midi skirt, or dress. It wasn't neccessary to wear clothing covering your kneecaps and elbows! Clothing is not a law out there, it is just a respect thing.
-I visited the Dubai Mall, althought there is a sign at the entrances asking that you do not show any public display of affection and wear appropriate clothing (arms and knees covered), however I saw tourists in short shorts and strap tops and nothing was said, however you may get a look here and there as it is respectful to wear a dress (no particular length) or skirt/ trousers etc.
-Old Dubai, Gold souk, material and spice souk etc, I wore a maxi dress with a scoop neck and I would have felt uncomfortable in anything less, once again however, there were tourists in shorts and straps!

One piece of advise here only! If you can go all inclusive or half board, then do it! drinks are extremely expensive out there (£8 for a can of coke/fanta etc!) and can rinse you of your holiday money! Wine/beer etc is around 75 Dirhams, which I believe is over a tenner! Also, we enquired at the hotel concierge about All Inclusive options at the hotel, and the lovely man called Nelson (so  cute) said that if you email the hotel directly and ask, they can always see if they can upgrade you as they don't often advertise these options on holiday websites, and the same for other hotels.

One last piece of advise! keep on tabs! Keep note of all your receipts, or note down all the water you order by the pool, soft drinks for the kids or yourself!, water-sports you decided to do on the beach etc! We found most things were put 'on the room' so without keeping tabs on what your spending, it can be easy to go over your limit!

Anyway thats all I can think of for now, however if you have any further questions please feel free to leave me a comment and I will happily get back to you with any help! Hope I have answered your questions and helped you out as much as possible!!

For almost daily photos and to see what I'm up to, follow my instagram and add me on twitter!
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