The Review: Chanel & Rimmel Lips

I thought I would share with you one of my favourite pink lips that looks great during the summertime. I know for us Brits are wild british summer has quickly come to an end, but I actually think I will continue to wear this look throughout the winter too. Something I like to do is mix and match colours and products to see which different effects I can get. Here is my evidence of what mixing high end with drugstore can bring you...

After trying and testing Rimmels 'pink blush' I felt that the colour was a little harsh for me. I'm not 100% sure on wearing pink lipsticks as I feel like they can sometimes make me look a little barbiefied, however with the quickly evolving trends and high fashion looks being created non stop, sometimes only sometimes do I think I can wear any colour in the world and class it as a 'high end' look! Anyway, that didn't quite cross my mind when wearing this colour and I felt like it needed to be softened slightly. *Que Chanel*

I grabbed my favourite Chanel lippy, closed my eyes, (kept one open) and swept this colour right over the top of the lipstick. I opened my eyes and was greeted by a lovely softer and shinier looking lip locking colour.

Products used: Rimmel pink blush in #006 & Chanel lipgloss in #148.

What do you think of this mix? Is it something you are going to experiment with?

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