Christmas Gift Ideas: His & Hers Perfume

I know it's not Christmas yet, however I feel really Christmassey at the moment and I know a lot of people like to start their Christmas shopping early so this is why I thought I would write this blog post. If you don't know what to buy that special person, you can't go wrong with a nice aftershave or perfume, but sometimes choosing it can be a bit of a headache! Literally! So from me to you, here are my two 'you cannot go wrong' recommendations. One for your magical man, and one for your lovely lady! (They just so happen to be my 'his & her's scents)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, starting at £67 here. Every person has their own signature scent, and for me Chanel Coco Madam Mademoiselle has my heart. I originally loved Chanel Chance Summer, but my best  friend used to wear it when we were younger so as much as I love love love love loved it, I just didn't feel like I could call it mine. (I don't like to share my signature scent!) However, none of my friends have yet claimed the other Chanel Chance perfumes so there is still time to call it!

I don't really know how to describe this scent, I wouldn't say its fruity, and I wouldn't say its musky. It is a nice in between. It smells expensive if you know what I mean, well, at £67 a bottle it should! It is quite strong, but not the strongest of the Chanel bunch. I think it's quite a wintery perfume but I wear it all year round because I love it so much. Two sprays is plenty though as otherwise it's way too over powering. What I do love about it though is that it lasts long, and it lingers throughout the day. And not to mention the bottle. The detail is so pretty, the soft pink colour of the perfume matches the detail on the bottle, the lid looks as though it is frosted and well with 'COCO CHANEL' slap bang in the middle of course it looks amazing! I also think it looks really pretty on my dresser!

Abercrombie and Fitch, Fierce, Starting at £46 here. My boyfriend George also has a signature scent. Abercrombie & Fitch 'Fierce' when I first went to New York I of course went into their store and I was like WOW what is that smell. I asked one of the advisors and he said it was 'Fierce' and that they spritz it all over their clothes hence why the entire 4 story floor (could even be 5 stories high!) building was top to toe in this beaut of a scent. He told me it was a unisex perfume so I bought it for myself, but I actually really think its a manly smell and should only be worn on males. So I bought it for George for his birthday and now it's his signature scent!

The scent is more on the musky side I would say, but not completely which is why I like it. It smells like a typical male aftershave but just has that smart, savvy edge. It is extremely strong and sometimes one spritz is plenty, and it literally does last all day. It lingers on clothes all day without losing its strength. It does have a hefty price tag at £68 but it is so worth the money for how long it lasts. Not to mention that hunky muscly body displayed on the bottle (which makes me think it should be for a lady! *giggles*). It comes in a glass bottle and you can get it in two different sizes.

Whats your signature scent? Happy October!


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