Not So Blushous: Soap & Glory Highlighter

Soap & Glory Luminizing Face Powder, £11, here

I see a lot of Beauty Bloggers raving about Soap & Glory makeup products. I never really felt that attracted to their makeup products, not too sure why, however I thought seeing as I love their bath and body products so much I would get off my high horse and give something a go. I tried this product I few times, and I wasn't overly impressed. I couldn't see that it gave me that subtle yet elegant shimmer on my cheekbones that I really do love when wearing a highlighter.

I would personally say that this product is quite matte for a highlighter, which could possibly be the reason as to why I didn't really get that 'loving feeling' I usually get when I try out a new product. For me, this product is quite pinky, and when I go for a highlighter I like to have a little more pearlescent tones in it. I wouldn't say dont go and buy this product, because I do love the packaging, there is a great amount of product in it, it is handy to pop into your bag of you like to carry makeup around with you and it does highlight your cheekbones, however for me, at £11 I don't think I will be making a speedy return to purchase this product when it runs out. Sorry Soap & Glory!

What do you like to achieve from your highlighters?


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