Season Special: Topshop Wicked

Topshop Lipstick, Wicked, £8 here

You have probably seen on my twitter if you follow me lately, that I have recently been to the Ritz in London for a girly day out with my nearest and dearests. I took the plunge and bought myself a new outfit (there is a lifestyle post of my day still to come so watch out for that!) and being the beginning of Autumn, of course, a new lipstick was in order. I was debating between a Clinique chubby stick in a gorgeous plummy colour, or berry red lipstick. As you can see, I went for the latter. I have taken a few snaps of this product just playing around but I'm really pleased with all of them so I thought I would share all my favourites ones with you in this post! And of course, a product review of my new favourite Autumn lip staple- Topshop Lipstick in 'Wicked.'

What do you guys think of these photos? Excuse the purple smudge, I have no excuses for that one. So onto the lipstick. I bought this in Topshop and I swear I payed £9.50 for it which is not the price. I thought it was £6, however it is actually £8. However I'm not one to argue and embarrass myself if I am totally wrong so I just went with it. I fell in love with it instantly, it had this gorgeous vampy purple tone to it which for me, is a massive step outside the box. I love trying new shades and colours etc, however this really was a new colour for me, not sure I have been this dark before! But what I loved, is that when I applied it onto my lips, it wasn't as dark as it looked when swatched onto my skin. If I applied just a single layer it had a lovely berry/purple tone however when I added more layers it got deeper and darker and it looked really nice! I was very impressed. It has a shine to it, and it is very long lasting. I kept asking my friends if I needed a touch up and they persistently were saying no, no, no, no, no. I didn't believe them obviously because what lipstick lasts all day, even after drinking lots of tea and eating many a finger sandwhich, but they were right! It as still pretty darn cemented on there! 

One downside I would say is the packaging. With all of these topshop lipsticks, after a while of it being in your makeup bag/clutch/day to day bag, the pattern starts wearing off and it looks a little rusty and worse for wear. Also, my lid came off quite a lot and I had purple lipstick smudged on the inside of my cream clutch. I wasn't impressed! Although this is the only topshop lipstick in this particular packaging where I have had a loose lid so that may have just been a faulty lipstick, much to my dismay. Never mind! It was totally worth it.

I will soon be writing a full post on my day at The Ritz for afternoon tea if you're inerested, and that will be a lifestyle/makeup post. I will tell you all about my outfit, shoes, hair, makeup and then a few snaps of the day.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Autumn.
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