Cleansing With 3 Simple Steps

If you're reading this, it probably means you are looking to get started on a cleansing ritual routine, and I applaud you for that! Cleansing is so important, regardless of whether you wear makeup or not. Some people do not see the difference in using a makeup wipe on a daily basis and cleansing properly twice a day. Now i'm not an angel in this subject, I do use makeup wipes especially on long days when you feel like you need to collapse into bed, and for that reason I am grateful for them. However, it is important to recognise and understand the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturising at it's simplest. Yes, there are lots of other products you can add into your routine but for now I am going to cover the basics.

Now all this information is coming from my inner beauty therapist who is trained and qualified in skincare so I will keep it as simple and non-scientific as possible!

Cleansing. It is very important to use a cleanser, When cleansing, the pores in your skin are opened which allows the product to seep in and remove makeup, impurities and debris on your skin from the day (and night!), and sometimes helps to balance out the PH on your skin. If you don't know what that is, it's the level of acidity/alkalinity on your skin- Don't worry too much about that, its a scientific thing! I would advise to look for a cleanser that is suitable to your skin type, because then you know that the product is catering specifically to your needs. For example I have very dry skin, so I look for a cleanser that specifically states 'for dry/sensitive skin' as it has the necessary ingredients that will benefit me as opposed to someone with oily skin. Someone with oily skin should find a cleanser that states 'for combination/oily skin, as it should have ingredients in it to help reduce the amount of excess oil in their skin.  I personally think that finding a cleanser/toner/moisturiser that states it 'balances the PH in your skin' is really important as it helps reduces your skin to a PH of zero, which can help prevent breakouts, blackheads, impurities and them tetchy blotches on your skin.

Toner. Toner is important as it helps to close the pores on your skin that you have just opened with a cleanser. It also removes any excess product, or impurities from your skin that the cleanser may not have got. After you tone, check your cotton pad to see how much more you were able to remove with a little bit of toner. Lastly, toner is important because it closes the pores, which means the barrier is back up, the natural oil on your skin is locked up and all your skins nutrients are secured happily inside your pores. Closing the pores is important as it helps reduce breakouts and blackheads from occuring. Like the cleansing products, try to get a toner that caters for your skin type.

Moisturiser. Moisturising is the final step. Sometimes, people with combination-oily skin don't feel the need to moisturise as they feel their skin is lubricated enough and don't like the feel of a creamy moisturiser on their skin. It is easy for people who arn't in the beauty/skincare field to know the different types of product on the market. For example, moisturiser can come in many different finishes such as cream, gel, balms and many more! If you are an oily gal/guy why not opt for a gel moisturiser as that will leave your skin feeling fresh and not too oily/creamy. Moisturising the skin is important as it helps to hydrate the skin, improve elasticity and collagen in the skin and prevent the ageing process. (Sustaining and reducing the decrease in collagen-plumpness and fullness of skin and elasticity- I call it the 'pinch and bounce back' test, in the skin is one of the most important factors of preventing the ageing process so always look out for products that help this!) So yes, moisturising is still important and it also helps provide a great base for applying makeup!

So there you have it, three simple steps in preparing to have amazing skin. Cleanse, Tone, than Moisturise! Don't forget that 'mature/ageing skin' is also a skin type, and there are many products on the market to cater to this  too. I believe that once you'v hit the grand old age of 25, adding in a few anti-ageing products into your skincare routine shouldn't be dismissed quickly. I do hope you have learnt something from this and if you want me to do a post on reccomended starter products, just let me know and I will happily do another post on that! Until then, Happy October!

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