Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour In On And On Bronze

This product could be in my favourites post every single month without fail. I'm not joking either! I don't have enough words to describe how much I love this product. Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Hour Creme Eyeshadow is just so amazing and at £4.99 you really can't go wrong! First of all, the colour. 'On and On Bronze to me is a strange name, but I love it when products have names! Don't you? I think the colour of this product is absolutely gorgeous.

When I hear of or see a product with the word 'bronze' in, youl be lucky to catch me before I'v picked it up and started swatching! I have a love for products that are bronzey and browney as you probably have guessed by now, but this product has come up top trumps for me! It has a gorgeous shimmery bronze colour which is more so on the browney side. It looks absolutely stunning on it's own all over the lid and under the eye, and blended out at the crease. If you want to go a little more depper with it, it can also be used as a great base and looks amazing layered up with deeper colours and goldey colours.

This product is a creme to powder product, but when applied it doesn't dry out and  go to that fluffy powdery finish. It actually dries onto the lid into a really nice texture, so that if you wanted to layer it up with more colours, you could achieve this easily without their being a horrible miss match in texture. Adding different eyeshadow products on top of this will still create a really smooth and soft texture. It blends really easily and has great staying power. I don't personally think this product needs a primer because on my skin, it doesn't crease whatsoever. I thought that it might, as that can be quite common with creme products, but it was absolutely fine. However, go right ahead if you get that 'naked eyelid feel' without your safety shadow primer!I apply this with my fingertips, and blend into the crease with a blending brush, however I have applied the brush straight into the product and swiped it onto the lid too and it still didn't dissapoint! There are a few other colours in this product however they are quite bold and not something I would usually wear. If I had another choice I would go for the black one as I think it would look great with a smokey eye, or possibly the taupe one (which I keep swatching whenever I see it as it looks so lovely in the pot but when on my skin it's not really for me.) However I think I will soon be purchasing the gorgeous purpley one. It's gorgeous! Especially in the Autumn months!What's your take on products with names or products with numbers?
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