The Review: Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph Brow Shaper and Highlighter

Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph Brow Shaper and Highlighter, £8 here

Now, like I previously expressed in my review of Soap & Glory's Highlighter post here, I wasnt really feeling very positive with their makeup products. Now, I am a little bit on the fence with this product. I have had this product about 8 months now and haven't written a review on it yet as I just haven't been able to decide whether I like it or not. Now I have come to the  conclusion that if after 8 months I'm still on the fence, I highly doubt there will be a change anytime soon. So here's introducing my first 'on the fence product post.'

So when I first began to use this product, I really didn't like the harsh waxy feel of the eyebrow pencil. When I applied it onto my brow to fill it in, it felt harsh on my skin, as though it was pulling at my eyebrow because of it's thick waxy consitency. I just really couldn't get on with it. I gave up using it for a while as I wasn't getting anything out of it, however it wasn't untill I was bored of using eyeshadow to fill in my brows, my MAC pencil and my Rimmel pencil had ran out, I had no other choice but to go creeping back to the Soap & Glory pencil. After having to use it, I still didn't like the texture, but it was a gorgeous colour. You may have heard me talk before about struggling to find a nice colour for my blonde/ashy coloured brows, so when I decided that this was a really great colour for me I was more than baffled! Welcome to my mixed  emotions of 'on the fence.'

Positives- I love the colour, it isn't too dark, works great on blonde eyebrows, looks natural and not 'drawn on' and stays put all day. The highlighter is great, only need to apply one little strike and blend in and your eyebrows look like they have a beautiful natural arch.
Negatives- It hurts when I apply it, literally!, it is harsh on the skin, it drags it and feels waxy and because of it's harsh/dragging/factors, premature ageing is 100% going to make it's way to you faster. Again with the highlighter, I would reccomend highly to avoid this if you haven't shaped/plucked/waxed/threaded those bushes. Not only does it highlight your arch, it also highlights those little buggers you were 'going to pluck later* Big nono.

So there you have it. My 'on the fence review' about Soap & Glory's Arch de Triumph. Once again, sorry soap & Glory!

Have you tried this product? What would help you jump off that fence?

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