A Gift Guide For Your Loved Ones Deployed Over Christmas

I think that this post deserves a little introduction. This post is actually really personal to me and I wasn't sure whether or not it was something I wanted to post on my blog, however i'v decided that it is a great opportunity as we are coming up to Remembrance Day on November 11th, to raise awareness for the soldiers who will be away fighting on a deployment over the Christmas period. Before I explain why please just remember that this is a sensitive post which I am really anxious to publish, but I feel that my experience, however little it is can hopefully help other people in this situation too, and to allow people to find out what sort of ideas I have collected of Christmas Gifts which we could send out to our soldiers.

My boyfriend will be away on a deployment over Christmas, so I have been stocking up on Christmas gift ideas over the past couple of months of what his family and I could send out to him. This is predominantly the reason for this post, to give ideas to those of you who also have family, friends, partners, husbands, wives, children and more in the Forces who sadly won't be home for Christmas.

Now I have done lots of research on the internet as well to find out gifts that people have sent out in the past (which were received very well) to add to my idea list, so here is a nice mix of things to send out that I think are appropriate for all. Don't forget we have to bare in mind that all things need to be able to fit into a shoe box or a a box of a similar size!

Stationary, Pens, Pencil, Pads of Paper, Post-it notes, A Deck of Cards, A Watch, A Torch, Magazines, books, A pre-paid phone card, Baby Wipes, SOCKS!! (Hiking Socks?), A winter sleeping bag!

Haribo, white maltesers, marshmallows, dairy milk buttons, terry's chocolate orange, pik'n'mix, boiled sweets, mints, celebrations, Christmas variety boxes, Christmas advent calender (you could create your own personal one- maybe send 25 small chocolates like quality street/heroes/celebrations whatever their favourite is and write a Christmas message on a piece of paper and attach it to the chocolates for each day up untill Christmas Day).

Shower Gel
Something fresh and Zesty, strong and clean smelling like the mint original source shower gels.

You could make small collages of photos, or send little post cards, write on the back on photos, maybe write a memory you remember from that photo. Why not go onto photobox or another photo website and there are lots of examples of what you could do with your photo. Maybe create a t-shirt of you both or your family and send it out so that you both have one to wear.

I managed to make space in my boyfriends huge bag to pack a portable DVD player, and i'm sure if your loved one hasn't got one they probably all share! Why not send him or her out a new DVD or one of their old favourites.

iPod charger lead
I believe that they can take out their iPods if they can take their iPads, and I have been asked to send out a connecting lead so double check when you can as that may be something they need!

Mixed CD/CD's
Why not make a mixed CD, either of your favourite songs, their favourite songs, or even Christmas songs! I'm sure they would all love a good sing along to a Christmas song on Christmas day!

Personalised Mugs
I think that personalised mugs can be quite sweet. Even if they can't use it or have to leave it behind, why not go an make your own at a ceramic store or create one online! A little giggle can't hurt anyone. One idea I found online which I thought was really sweet, was  to buy two plane white mugs, taking a sharpie, draw the outline of the country you are in, and they country your loved one is in, making a heart in the middle of each country, draw a dotted line leading from the heart to the edge of the mug, making sure that when the mugs are placed together it looks as though the line is leading from mug to the other showing that your still together no matter how far apart you are. Soppy? Maybe but sweet none the less. 

Stress relief ball
Self Explanatory, wouldn't you say?

A5 personalised calender
Kind of linked to the photo one above, if your loved one will be away the majority of next year too, or even a few months, creating a small thing A5 personal calender could be really sweet. Maybe mark the date of their homecoming on it and a countdown each week to their homecoming!

Token Gifts

Something I found online was simply a tarted up peg. Close the top of the peg (the bit that clips onto your clothes) and draw a heart on one side. Make sure the top part of the heart is on the top and the bottom half on the bottom peg. Next, take a small piece of paper and write a short sweet message on it, fold it up and attach the tops and bottoms the peg so that when you open the peg a lovely little message pops up!

Thermal Tops
I know my boyfriend really loves the RAB products which you can find online at the Cotswolds store, and many more.

A little mascot
Maybe your scent for him/her to smell, or even their favourite perfume/aftershave

I think that I have covered quite a lot here, personal things, essential things, and all the extras. I would really love it if you would add to this post if you have any other ideas regardless of whether you have a loved one in the forces or not as all suggestions are helpful and welcome! If you have found this post helpful and are thinking of sending something out from this list, come and send me a message on twitter and let me know what it is you liked, I would love to know! It would also be a lovely way to meet others of you who are going through this at the moment as well, and it is a nice way to connect with each other as a support network too. 

I hope I get to hear from you if you are reading this! If you are not on twitter, you can find me on instagram here or come along a join other Blushous Beauty readers on facebook here.

Lots of love, Alex


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