MaxFactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush

I'm not a huge cream blush fan as I have quite dry skin and find that the majority of the time it will cling to my skin and not blend in overly well, and if it does blend in well it will go patchy by the end of the day. Big nono in my books! I read a blog post by Lily Pebbles at the time and thought that this MaxFactor creamy blush in soft pink looked worthy of giving cream blush another go as it looked really natural and soft!

I must admit, I don't jump to my makeup storage to get this, but it does make an appearance every once in a blue moon. Maybe that means something? Or maybe it's because I haven't yet found a blusher that tops my love for MAC style. Either way, when I do decide to dollop this little baby onto my cheekbones I am pleasantly surprised! It is very creamy and lightweight, when I apply it onto my skin it doesn't drag or go blotchy and it blends in to this very natural flushed pink look. I only dab it onto the apples of my cheeks and use it more as an enhancer of my apples as opposed to a more bold blush look. This is great for a daytime look because of its natural pink hue. I apply it with my ring finger by swishing it around in the pot and dabbing it on. If I want it to be a little more blended in I take a small powder/contour brush and just buff in the edges. I wouldn't say this product has an amazing longevity about it, but it does last throughout the day. I would consider topping it up maybe once for a little oomph and staying power.

You can get it here, for £6.99.

Are you a cream kinda girl or more of a powder puff chick? Let me know in the comments below or come and join me on the twitterverse @alystephens. Happy November


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