Winter Beauty Tips

A little pick me up on Blushous Beauty today, providing you with my Winter Beauty Tips to get you through the season.

Do you feel like you always look the same, and no matter how much time you spend on your makeup, you just arn't getting that different type of look? For me, Autumn & Winter are the best seasons to switch up your makeup look. The most contrasting look between the summer periods and the winter periods are sporting those big bold red and berry coloured lips. Changing this one thing about your makeup look can distinguish whether your going for a dark purple, mysterious sexy look, or a festive and outgoing red. As we are currently experiencing these lovely seasons in all their glory, now is the perfect time to take that big step into the world of bold lips and I'm going to show you how.

Autumn and Winter is the season for berry lips, those festive reds and even your subtle nudes. Time to be brave, bold and confident! It is proven (according to Blushous Beauty) that every single individual with blonde, red, brunette, purple and all hair colours being sported along with all our different skin tones 100% definitely, suit a bold lip so no excuses that it 'doesn't suit me!' It's all about finding the colours you love and are confident in! 

To kick start your 'new you,' why not take Bourjous Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Plum Russian here, and pair it with a soft pink blush, try MAC Well Dressed, here. 

For A festive red that will make you stand out from the rest, try my favourte YSL lippy in Rouge Volupte here, or for a more berry look, try Rimmels Glam Plum Fullham, at a quarter of the price, here. The new Rimmel Moisture Renew Range have such a wide scope of colours to choose from. I love the cherry coloured reds, like Diva Red here.

Don't forget that rockin' a nude during Autumn and Winter can also be very statement! Especially when paired with a smokey eye! For us blondes, I always go for a peachy toned nude, especially as I inherited the paler skin of the family! However for you olive skinned girls and you naturally tanned babes, you are blessed with the freedom of all toned nudes.

Tip: As much as we all like to have as much of a warm-toned face as possible throughout winter, it can become a little to unnatural when you have a brown face, and a lighter neck & body. Remember in the winter it is important  to switch up your foundation, going a shade lighter than usual. We can warm up our complexions with a subtle bronze and a peachy blush! Which brings me on to bronzer. For me, winter is about matte bronzers. I think they look so stunning especially when paired with a bold red or berry lip.

Advice: In the summer, we often tend to go for either a bold lip, or a bold eye, however now is the time to sport your most heavy of makeup looks. When I say heavy, I mean colour, not and I repeat not, layers and layers and layers of the cake! One of my all time favourite Autumn/Winter looks is a bold red lip, and a smokey eye. I think it looks absolutely fabulous and so chic! Why not have a look at Tanya Burr's makeup tutorial, that will take you through the steps! Watch Tanya Burr's Selena Gomez Makeup Tutorial here.

Last tip: Stock up on moisturiser, lip balm, hand cream, and cuticle oil for your nails! No-one likes chapped hands, lips and face!


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