The Ending of The Year: My 2013 Experiences

So tomorrow marks the end of 2013, and I thought it might be really nice to take a look back at the last 12 months. I am a very positive person, but I think its also important to recognise challenging situations too and how if they occur again, how we could turn them into a positive. So this post is going to a be a mixture of some of my best experiences of 2013, and some of my more challenging experiences! So without any further ado, lets begin!

The Best Moment of 2013

There have been some really great moments in 2013, but my favourite by far, is when my boyfriend George and I jetted off to Dubai. With George being in the Army, it is really difficult to plan things. You don't realise how much you plan for the future, even the near future until you realise you can't! Together we have been through a lot this year and we were so desperate to get away together for a week before he was due to deploy. We had been saving during 2012 to go away in the Easter of 2013, but unfortunately by the time we were able to book anything, the prices had absolutely soared up and we just couldn't justify the extra money per person. (We did manage to go away for a few days though which was lovely) So anyway, George had been wanting to go back to Dubai for a long time and of course I was down with the plan! Because it was August, the prices were a lot cheaper as it is recommended not to go to Dubai during the summer months but what a load of twaddle! Whilst I was at work, George surprised me and booked it and we were sitting on the plane in under 10 days! If you want to know more about Dubai, what we got up to whilst we were there and look at some of my photos from this holiday, just click here.

The Best Experience of 2013
Hmmm this is a tough one. You may or may not be able to relate to this experience, but during October and November this year, I was on my University placement at a private school near to my Uni. It was a school that catered for education from primary level all the way through to 6th form, and I was in the dance department. (If you didn't know I am in my last year of a dance degree) I had the most amazing time at my placement, but the best experience I experienced... (yes I know I said that twice) was seeing all the dances that I had choreographed with the students being performed in the Christmas Showcase. As a dancer, when you  choreograph a dance, so much emotion, hard work and effort goes into creating it, teaching it, perfecting it with the students, and re-working it onto your stage. The journey you take in the process is like a roller-coaster and it doesn't always go to plan. But on the night of the showcase, when there's nothing more you can do then support your students and wish them luck! Seeing my students perform the dances and enjoying themselves, and seeing their nerves just disappear was such an amazing experience, especially seeing them so buzzy, excited with adrenaline rushing around! An experience I will never forget.

The Proudest Moment of 2013/The Hardest Situation in 2013
I have put both of these together, as it is the same experience for me. As you all probably know, my boyfriend is in the Armed Forces. At the beginning of the year, George was told that he would be deploying to Afghanistan toward the end of the year. At the end of September this year, that time came, and George deployed to Afghanistan. When George went into training, we had been together about a year and a half, so I have spent the past year getting used to him being away quite a lot of the time which has definitely helped me cope with the tour, however it was definitely one of the hardest situations I have been in. Although saying goodbye is really difficult, it is also filled me with an immense feeling of proudness. (If that is a word!- I don't think it is.) But yeah, I am so immensely proud that he is out there with all his fellow soldiers doing his bit in making the world a better place. I hope one day I can be as big and as brave as him!

Here is a photo of him and his comrades!
(I know what you're thinking- look at all those men in Uniform...)

The Most Challenging Experience of 2013
Balancing all of my Uni work/ dissertation/ placement presentations/essays/getting used to a very long distance relationship/ finding work for after graduation/ trying not to prioritise blogging over all my work which has been really really difficult because I just want to do this all the time, all day every day! I just love it.

Moving Onto The Next Category (I don't really know what the category is!)

My favourite Programme/series of 2013
Ooh this is a tough one, can I split it into online and televised!? Oh and genre. Yeah thats a good idea!! Ok I take that as a yes. Woohoo!! Ok so, online programme- erm DERR!! It has to be Pretty Little Liars. I watched the last season on TV but realised there was a new series that I hadn't seen, so I watched it online! Ah. It's just so good. So addictive. It's about four teenage girls who are being framed for murder, by someone named -A. It is kind of like a murder mystery as the girls don't know who this 'A' is. The programme is about them trying to figure out who this person is, whilst 'A' continues to put them into framed situations. It's so tense but so moreish!!

My favourite action series this year has to be Homeland. I don't really enjoy these types of programmes but I got caught up once when mum was watching it with her partner, and I found myself purched on the end of the sofa with my eyes glued to the tv! The storyline from series 1 is about a Marine who got captured in Iraq (I think) and converted to believe in the Muslim Faith. He was then sent back to America to commit Terrorist Attacks on the US, but things along the way made him re-think his instructions. It's just so tense and so good and series two went so quickly!

My favourite reality show has to be Keeping up with the Kardashians. I couldn't chose between this, Geordie Shore or Towie, but it has to be the Kardashians. Just seeing how the other half lives makes me so curious! This year I have loved watching Kylie and Kendall even more than the others! They are so beautiful and Kylies Tumblr is awesome. Click here to see her Tumblr in action!

My favourite American programme I don't really know what genre it is, but the programmes like Vampire Diaries, etc? Maybe there called sitcoms? I don't know. Anyway, mine definitely was 90210. I think i'm just so interested in different cultures and how other people live, I just like to watch programmes like that! I know obviously it is probably far from the truth, but I still like to watch things like that! 90210 has had sooo many series, but last season was about a group of friends who live in Beverly Hills, who now have left college and are going through crazy things such as, trying to fall pregnant, writing a secret book about prostitution and escorting and getting found out/telling the truth, getting recording contracts, falling in love, falling out of love, etc you name it. It's like a dramatic Romcom! Something exciting happens in every episode. Another addiction!

Favourite Film
I mean its hard but I'm a Harry Potter fan through and through. I like the proposal, Cinderella Story, all those soppy things (but not too soppy- I hate a typical love story it's got to be unique!) I do LOVE comedies though aswell. And action films. Oh Jeez. Lets just stick with Harry Potter. I really want something like this to come out again soon!

My Favoruite Artist of 2013
Two words- Miley Cyrus.

My favourite Colour of 2013
Warm Berry/Dark reds. Oh and orange. Woops thats two!

Favourite Season of 2013
Summer as I was able to spend a little more time with porge.

Favourite Restaurant of 2013
Aqua 8 in Ipswich, Suffolk. It's a fusion restaurant and their Japanese lemon chicken is Ah-Mazing.

Favourite Food of 2013
Pasta. Pasta, Pasta, Pasta. Specifically this new recipe that I have been whipping up! (Let me know if you want to see it!)

Favourite Youtuber of 2013
Tanya Burr. See her YouTube Channel here. Tanya also has a blog which is also lovely too! Although Tanya if you're reading this, I would love you to blog more often! *hehe*

Favourite Blogger of 2013
Amelia Liana of liana-beauty.com See her blog here. She also has a YouTube channel which is also amazing so check that out too!

What have I learnt overall in 2013?
I think overall with everything that I have learnt over the past 12 months, I have become a much more confident person. For so long I was so scared to submit my blog to the public. I really thought that people would think I was silly, that nothing I wrote was of any interest, that I would just end up talking to myself and that my blog just wasn't good enough! After biting the bullet, I done it and have never looked back. I am so glad I did, not only because of my slowly rising following/views (Thank you to everyone who has/is supporting me with Blushous Beauty it really does make me so happy!) but because of the way it makes me feel. This really is my little corner of the web which is just for me. I am not an expressive person when it comes to talking. Hence why I am a dancer, and why I write a blog! Dancing is my way of expressing myself emotionally, and blogging is my way of expressing my love for makeup and beauty and art/photography. It sounds like a typical cliche comment for a blogger to make, but when you know you know! From blogging, I have become so much more happy, and ah I just love it! I also think that University has played a huge part in me learning new things, such as becoming a confident teacher, proving that I can do well and believing in myself definitly has! University has put me out of my comfort zone alot and I am so greatful for that as I really have grown as a person! Lets see what else I can achieve in the next 5 months! (A 1st class degree I hope ;) ) I'v also learnt a lot about myself in the sense that I compete with myself so much! I put so much pressure on myself to do well and succeed but at the end of the day you can only do as much as you can. As long as you have put 100% effort into whatever it is you're doing, you will always be successful. And last but not least, I'v realised how strong I am. I have been through a lot in the past few months, lots of ups and lots of downs in my own way-just like every single person in the world has, but I realised how much I am able to keep my head above water and keep going regardless of what the world chucks at me. Having such an amazing support system from my family, friends and Georges family is just amazing and I am so thankful for them! 

I am especially looking forward to the New Year, as 2014 is going to be a very, very, very important year for me and I can't wait to get it underway! If you are a blogger and have written one of these posts, please send me the link so I can check it out! I love to be nosey and see how everybody's years have gone! If you're not a blogger, please just leave a comment underneath, or send me a tweet here! I would absolutely love to hear from each and every one of you :) Enjoy your last day of 2013 and lets hope 2014 brings lots of happiness for everybody!


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