The Night Before: Preparing To Party

So it's NYE tomorrow, it's a couple of hours closer for us Brits then it is for you USA'ers and a hell of a lot closer for you Aussies and if you're out in the middle east/far east and what have ya! Hold on... I'v just realised something? Say you're looking at a 2D version of a world map, if you're on the Right hand side of England does that mean that you're Time Zone is ahead of England? Because on the occasions I have been to 'that side' of the world, I'v always been ahead and everytime i'v been to the 'USA side' I'v always been behind? Thats so cool if thats true. Sorry, just had to write as I was thinking then. Let me know if that is actually true because I think that makes working out Time Zones so much easier! Not like I do that all the time though? Anyway back to the post after that random thought process. This post is a 'getting ready the night before you're big party'- on this occasion NYE and what you can do to enhance your beautifulness!! (Or in my case try and find some) This post will include some homemade  recipes if you're planning on doing this tonight and some general ideas for the future!
So lets get started.

1) Make a cup of tea, preferably for two people as you will need two tea bags. (or just make yourself a really strong cup of tea with two tea-bags in!) OR if you don't like tea, put two tea bags in a mug and pour boiling water over them. Or, if you prefer, cut two slices of Cucumber. I prefer tea bags for this trick though!

2) Fill up your bath and add your favourite bubbles.

3) Whilst your bath is filling up, drink your tea and locate your favourite hair mask, eye mask, and face mask. And obviously your shampoo and conditioner and your shower gel...oh and razor.

4) Pop your towel on the radiator *important step that should never be missed.

5) Remove any nail polish (fingers and toes/hands and feet whatever floats your boat)

6) Bath still not full up? Go and make your bed, it makes relaxing so much more...relaxing?

7) Go back to where you made your tea and locate your two teabags. By now they should either be warm/cold.

8) Light some of your favourite candles/candle in your bathroom and jump into the bath! Why not play some relaxing music/soothing music if you can!

9) Soak for about 10 minutes, then do your regular washing routine and shaving routine.

10)-cleanse and exfoliate (don't tone)

11) After you have done number 9, now is the time to apply your hair mask, face mask and your eye mask, and if you don't have an eye mask, then pop your teabags on your eyes. (make sure you'r eyes are closed for those of you who were wondering...) Putting teabags/cucumber on your eyes is a natural way to help de-puff your eyes, reduce dark circles and makes eyes look and feel less tiered/dull and sallow. (Lacking colour and natural circulation)

12) Soak for about another 10 minutes or however long you like! (sometimes I find an hour has passed and I still haven't budged- i'm a real water baby!) and then remove your face masks, hair masks and tea bags

13) Jump into your nice warm towel- see the importance of putting it on the radiator now... and pat yourself dry. Note the word pat. Patting yourself dry helps the skin to soak in the water from your bath that is left on your skin, and stops skin from drying out/becoming rough/ and causing irritation, especially if you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema/psoriasis or dermatitis etc.

14) Pop on your favourite jarmies. Take your favourite toner and moisturiser and apply it all over your face and down your neck.

15) If you're going to blow dry your hair, then make sure you add in your heat protector, Argan oil/coconut oil whatever it is you use and blow dry. A good tip is to towel dry your hair as much as possible first, to minimise the length of time you are putting heated appliances on your hair. If you don't like to dry your hair, then like above, either add in your favourite products such as some light oil and gently put it through the mid lengths and ends, or an overnight hair mask that you want to wash out the next morning. (If you decided not to wash your hair in the bath that is and like to wash it the same day as your party- Or Both!)

16) Once your hair is dry, its time to clip it up out of your face, and pick out your favourite nail polish. Don't forget you need a base coat and a top coat aswell! If you have any bumpy edges, make sure you file them down to give you and even longer lasting, non-chipping look. Tip: If you have flaky nails, take the nail file and file your nail vertically at the end, but only downwards, not upwards as that will cause the nail to chip!

17) Jump into bed or if you're not quite ready to settle down, snuggle into the sofa with your favourite book a hot chocolate or a cup of tea. Pop your overnight facial on, your favourite overnight eye mask, switch off that light and wake up feeling absolutely beautiful!

Keep posted to find out what my Party/NYE makeup will be! If you want some ideas of outfits to wear for you're party or NYE here. (might be a little late to get it for NYE unless you're heading into the shops!)

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