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Yes, I am an instagram fanatic. I absolutely love Instagram and i'm pretty sure you do too. When it comes to Instagram, I love being nosey! There are some Instagramers that I always love to keep on top of. So I am going to dedicate this post to those lovely pages, and show you my favourite gems. You never know, you may find some that you really love too!

Leading us into the list, my new discovery, Alix, from icovetthee.  She has such pretty pictures and outfits she shares regularly and I absolutely love her bold lip looks! Natural and so beautiful.
Find her on Instagram here.

The one and only product pusher of my life- beauty blogger Amelia Liana. Warning- Do not attempt to look at her website/instagram/twitter/youtube if you already have enough products on your wishlist! She will entice you... If you dare, find her on Instagram here.

Another new favourite, Hairigpost. They post photos of such pretty hairstyles that have you dreaming of hair in your sleep! Find them on Instagram here.

A fashionista Instagrammer such as Womensapparel keeps me updated on every type of outfit from chic to casual. If you love looking at OOTD's then check this Instagram account out here.

Although I get slightly green eyed every time a picture is posted, I can't help but keep my eyes off of Kendall Jenner's Instagram account. To keep up with the Jenner gal and her ever growing modelling career, find her account here.

I think every day a thought goes through my head that I should be going for a run, doing 100 sit ups or keeping fit. Fitness is important for everyone but when you're a dancer, low fitness levels just isn't acceptable! *hides head in shame* befitphotos does it's job and reminds me of this, however I can't help but flick through their photos! Find them on Instagram here.

Tanya Burr, one of my favourite bloggers has really created a wonderful career for herself! *Go Tanya* I love keeping updated on her new red carpet looks and makeup inspiration! Find her on Instagram here.

ASOS, well need I say more. Find their account here.

And lastly, Bridget March. Cosmopolitans Online Beauty Editor and my most recent girl and career crush! Hashtagging #wecouldbebestfriends comes to mind when eyeing up her photos!  Find her on Instagram here.

So there we have it, there are many more Instagrammers that I love, however we will save that for Instagram Round 2. Are you following any of these lovely accounts? If you would like to follow me, I would love for you to do that too!, Find me on Instagram here. See you in my next post! 



  1. Love this post, I totally found some new blogs that I can't wait to read!

  2. Hi Kassandra! I'm glad you liked it, Thank you for leaving a comment. BB x

  3. I'm an absolute instagram obsessive, going to check these out!



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