Winter Style Staples: Christmas Party Look

I have decided that I am going to start writing more fashion related blog posts in addition to the general beauty and makeup, because I absolutely love fashion too. As I don't own half the looks I would love to, I have decided to hook you up with my favourite bits on the web, and makeup look I think would really compliment your look! I'm going to call this phase my style staples, but obviously it will change every time! For example, this post will be my winter style staples, where I show you a brilliant Christmas Party outfit, and a complimentary look.

I absolutely love this outfit and it is so me. As much as I love to dress up and spend hours on my makeup (not literally-but close!) the majority of Christmas Parties or work do's are at a restaurant. For me, sometimes I don't want to wear a dress and go all out, I want to look classy and elegant. Not that wearing a dress doesn't make you look classy and elegant but you get the jist. (please correct me if jist is not spelt like that!- sensing it may be jyst?).

So you're probably asking yourself, she's blabbing on and hasn't told me where that outfit is from! Well hold on kids its coming right up!

Scuba Boxy Top In Black: £14.99 here

Asymmetric Faux Leather Skirt: £19.99 here

Black Clutch With Gold Embellishment: £29.99 here

Black Leather Open- Toe Heels, £27.99 here. (If this link doesn't work, you can find these heels on Missguided and type leather shoes into the search bar!)

Black Leather Buckled Wedges, £39.99 here

I chose two types of shoes because I think that they would both look really nice. It's hard to pick! Little note- Missguided can sometimes come up a tiny little bit bigger, so if you are a middle size, i'd say go for the smaller size! *cheers inside* And don't forget Missguided currently have FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY! Just add code Freexmas at checkout. If that's not a reason to get yourself a Christmas outfit, I don't know what is!

Ok so now the even funner part! The makeup. You can see that the model has got a gorgeous warm dark red/berry lip with a luscious bronze glow. If this model had no makeup on, this is the makeup look I personally would of gone for! To re-create this look, I would use:

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde-Park, £17.50 here

YSL Bronzer, Terresaharienne, £34 here (There are three colours to choose  from, take it from your skin tone, if you are fair that take the lighest colour, I would say any skin tone that is warm would suit either the middle or darker tone, depending on how deep you like the bronzer to look.)

Barry M Kohl Pencil Black, £2.99 here

Bourjous Colour Edition Eyeshadow in Rose Lacte, £6.99 here

Personally, I would apply the eyeline first, and then apply the cream shadow over the top. Because the pencil is a Kohl liner, it will blend out beautifully from the eyeline when the shadow is applied over the top. This way the look becomes more subtle and smoked out as opposed to harsh lines.

To glam it up, add a subtle brush of a peachy/nude blush, lashings of mascara, and your favourite faux lashes!

Try 2True's lashes, £2.99 here

I hope you liked this post! Let me know what you think and if you would like more of them! Don't forget to come and find me on twitter- @alystephens and I'm also on Bloglovin' too! You can find my facebook page down the right hand side of my blog with all links to my social media!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and stay tuned for my next post!


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