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Hello and welcome back! Too cheesy? So, (I say so way too much) although I said I would do a part 2 NYR post, I'v decided I against it. One, because, well its the 16th January so it's not exactly New Year anymore, and two, because its kind of like a post talking about a few things I want to 'start doing more of/do' throughout 2014. I suppose to put it simply, my aims within beauty, and blogging for 2014.

So, getting straight on with it because I think it is going to be quite full on.

Ok so first up. My number one aim that I have been trying out throughout January, or starting to do is having a full on skincare routine. And when I say full on, I mean, one brand, and a range of all products you should have for your skin. It's something I have always aimed to do, but usually just make do with my typical 3-4 step routine- Cleanse/Tone/Moisturise & Exfoliate. I tend to switch up my products a lot as I like trying new things but as the core of my cleansing routine I would like to stick to one brand so that I have some good groundwork in there.

Who's the lucky brand?- And a little info on the range...
So after a lot of research-reading product reviews/finding out about the range and speaking to the skincare consultants, the range I have chosen to pursue is Origins. I have heard so many great things from this brand, and love the fact that the range combines 100% all natural oils and their products are all derived  from plants and organic ingredients. I decided to speak directly with the consultant- Mandy who was absolutely wonderful and so helpful so thank you Mandy at Colchester Debenhams if you are reading this! We discussed my major skin concerns which were dehydration and sensitivity. Origins have lots of different ranges that cater specifically to your skin type so if you're interested in the range then its definitely worth seeing someone at the counter to find out which range is best  for you because they can all overlap and become quite overwhelming! The range best for me, was the MAD (Make a difference range). Har Har I no, what a perfect match. I started off with the moisturiser, £34 here and was given testers for their exfoliator (I think their is only one specific one), the ultra rich moisturiser (to apply at night time), the serum and the eye cream. I will write a full post on the moisturiser because there's so many great things to talk about in it so I will definitely let you all know when that will be up!

My aim is to eventually purchase the cleanser, toner, exfoliator, rejuvinating serum, eye cream and drink up hydration mask. All products can be found on their website here. Oh and they have just bought out some new brightening products within the Dr Weils range which is suitable for all skin types! Exciting stuff! Family and friends reading this, don't forget my birthday is in 5 weeks, just saying!

Next! Photography. I really need to start taking more photos for my blog. I am very self concious as I talked about within my last post which you can find here, but i'm getting the point now where I feel that there is so much more I want to explore on my blog and write and being able to visualise something is so much better! I would love to eventually start a YouTube channel but I mean hey. Baby steps. I love watching other peoples channels so much and always get the urge to jump up and film a video as I am bursting with ideas!! Its just that pesky confidence thing. So yep I have purchased my first tripod, so look out for some makeup 'how to' posts where I am going to start creating some really different makeup looks, and show you how to get them!

And lastly, being blog organised. I am very organised as it is for example, I have created a spreadsheet listing every week up until my dissertation hand in date and noted down and colour coded what I need to have completed by when, and when it is completed then it gets coloured in! You might think yeah everyone does that. But oh, theres more. Much more. I converted the same spreadsheet minus the dates into a word document, and yes more colour coding! I'm going to stop there before you think ok this girl is slightly crazy. Although I am very organised with my blog in the sense that I write down all my draft posts as soon as I get an idea, I write out in my notebook which posts I am going to do next like the next 5 or 10, but I'm not uploading organised. Being in my final year of my degree, blogging much to my dismay has had to come second. The annoyance of prioritising hay! So I think for me to ensure I take a break from my actual work I HAVE to do, and keep my blog continuous, i'm going to start a schedule so you guys know when to look out for new posts going up! It also then becomes kind of like a ritual :)

I would like to venture into more lifestyle posts too even if they are little random ones. I love writing posts about my travels and holidays, but I think the little things are nice too. I really appreciate getting to know bloggers/Vloggers/YouTubers on that personal level as well and I think when you have a blog, it so  nice to give your readers that little something extra especially when you're so loyal!

So thats kind of only 3 points but I thought I'd just share it with you all! With my new 'How To' series coming up, if you have any ideas of makeup looks that you want to try whether its a red lip or a really smokey eye, or you have an event you want unique makeup for or even just a look-a-like look then please just let me know. Also if you have particular products at home that you want to use but just don't know how to or how to style them please do just let me know!

I have high hopes for 2014, some really great things have already happened and I have lots of things already to look forward to! How has 2014 been treating you so far?



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