Beauty Websites: My Top 5 Ft. A New Innovative Beauty Website!

First off, I would just like to say Happy New Year to you! I hope you all had a lovely new year and Christmas and got spoilt rotten in gifts and in love. I would just quickly like to explain why I haven't posted in 2014 yet, because I have been itching to get back into the swing of things, however I just haven't been able to. The reason being *excuse number 1 I know, I know* is because I am currently in my last year at University, and I'm writing my dissertation. Now usually, as you can imagine i'm a huge whizz with writing, (believe it or not I actually really enjoy writing my essays!) but I have been stuck in a rut since October trying to find my footing in this whole dissertation malarky. (For those of you not at uni, its a 10-12 thousand word essay where you choose and write your own topic.) At the beginning of the year- yes I know last week, I managed to get stuck in, and have been working till really late at night, so I just haven't had the extra time or focus to write my normal fulfilled blog post! So anyway that's my rambles of excuses over. Lets get cracking. THIS blog post, is all about my top 5 beauty websites, featuring a new innovative website that will really benefit those of you who are just finding your footing with skincare and makeup, and even for those more confident and in the profession! Keep tuned until the end to find out which company I am referring to! (it's worth it, I promise)

#1 Debenhams/Selfridges. As soon as I open my web browser, my fingers just happen to habitually start typing 'deben.....' you get the idea, not to mention if I type in 's' the Selfridges website instantly appears in front of me. Personally, it really bugs me with online shopping when you click on say 'lips' for example, and it brings up all the lipsticks and all their individual colours up and they are scattered all over the page. Maybe its just my internal organised self, but I like to click on the product (lets roll with lips) and then be provided with all the different finishes for example, with YSL you have Rouge Pur Couture, Rouge Volupte Shine, Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Lip Stain, and so on. Then you click on the finish you want and it provides in one space the range of colours to choose from. It just looks so much more professional than say the Superdrug website which displays every single product on one page. So much more time consuming. (Sorry Superdrug- had to be said.) Debenhams and Selfridges for me, provide very organised beauty browsing which for me, puts them as two of my favourite websites. And not only that, Debenhams lets you use your beauty card online too! Yippee! One negative though: Debenhams doesn't give you an example of the colour, whereas Selfridges does so best to be sure your colours/names before your purchase!

Products to consider at Debenhams: The Origins skincare range, here. My new obsession.

#2 Feel Unique 'The Destination for Beauty' Another internal OCD feeling. I love Feel Unique for its clear structure, easy to the eye layout and easy to navigate- which obviously is the first and foremost quality for us junkies to whizz around and drop items into our baskets quickly. Not to mention the price range. What I love about Feel Unique is that you are able to gawp over your favourite high end beauty brands, but also not feel obliged to have to empty your purse on one product, as it gives you the option to purchase some great quality makeup and skincare at much lower prices. In addition to your makeup and beauty, you've got your hair care, your tanning ranges, your lifestyle choices and fragrance too. Its an all rounder.

Products to consider at Feel Unique: Phillip Kingsley Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo, £16.40 here
p.s there is an almighty sale on so don't hold back! go go go go go.....

#3 Beauty Bay. Very similarly to Feel Unique, Beauty Bay offers the same experience. It's kind of like my Feel Unique dupe. Sometimes, I get confused between the two! Sometimes I think that shopping at Beauty Bay is cool, because it sponsors Keeping up With the Kardashians which means that the Kardashians surly shop there. So if they can, so can I! you feel me? Proof of my love for the beautiful Kardashian sisters in my ode to them in my last post, here. Beauty Bay has a 'whats hot' slider at the top of their website, which instantly grabs my attention and I think ooh, I like that. I could do with that. Yeah... a few clicks later and they've been added to my wishlist. *it's not all the time I promise.......* Not to mention FREE DELIVERY!!

Products to consider at Beauty Bay: Stila Tools of the Trade 5 piece Brush Collection, £17.70 (currently on offer from £29.50!- Bargain) A great starter kit for your brush collection.

#4 Cult Beauty/Space Nk. I love browsing through these websites, because I feel that they have a lot of products which you don't necessarily find on all beauty websites. In the same token, these websites don't hold the same proportion of products that the others do! I class these two websites as my, guilty pleasure of online shopping, if you like. 

Products to consider: Cult Beauty- The Anastasia Beverly Hills range, here (A range that I am extremely interested in getting stuck into after lots of product recommendations on the bloggersphere!) Space Nk- Diptique Jasmin Mini Candle, £20 here. A product like above, is surrounding every YouTubers background, filling many monthly favourite videos! I certainly would like to get my hands on a Diptique candle. The 'Bais' one is supposedly very popular as well.

Ok, so here it is, the quintessential website. Introducing, #5 My Beauty Compare. Lara, tells me that My Beauty Compare 'is the world's 1st personalised recommendation site on earth. We can register for free and discover the right beauty products for us based on skin type, age, diet. and lots more too! There is already over 50,000 women following it and it is also the world's 1st price comparison site for beautyso basically it is a 1 stop shop for all women to discover the right products for them at the right prices out of 1500 brands. Sound new and innovative to you? It certainly does to me! My Beauty Compare features lots of different brands, from Smashbox cosmetics, Decelor, Bobbi Brown and Caudalie, to Loreal, Bourjous and TIGI. Some brilliant brands, that will cater to everybody. If you are looking for a high end product for example, and have seen it range in prices in different shops, or online websites, My Beauty Compare will stop you in your tracks, and do the searching for you. What a time saver hay! More reason to click 'order now' on you're long awaited new By Terry foundation, or a cheeky little Wet n Wild Lipgloss purchase. With a 'personalise your beauty' section, where you can specify your needs from your eye colour and water intake, a detailed analysis of your needs are considered, and compared! (see in the photo below)- not to mention a price slider, you can discover exactly what will fit your needs, and for your price range. A website that truly caters to every individual tending to their every beauty needs, this is one way to be 100% confident and happy in your own skin. Simply click here, and you will reach the homepage. From their, the world of beauty and skincare is your oyster. For me, I'm eyeing up the Makeup Forever HD Foundation, here, and the Origins Mega Mushroom Eye serum, here.

So that is my first post of 2014 in the bag. I hope you enjoyed it and have found either some new websites to try (I said Top 5 but I suppose it kind of turned into 9), or some new products to look into! And in the case of My Beauty Compare, a new innovative destination to find what suits your skin, without having a face to face consultation. Perfect for people of all ages. Please, please, please, let me know what you got up to on New Years Eve, I'd love to know! Find me on twitter here, Instagram here and Facebook here. I'm also on Bloglovin' here if you want to come and follow me (which I would be really grateful for!) 

Lots and Lots of love and wishes for 2014, Alex x


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