La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo

I haven’t done a product review in such a long time, which is so unlike me! I thought I would kick off my reviews again with a product I have been meaning to tell you about since before Christmas. I suppose it means that I have been able to use it a lot more before talking to you about it! As you can probably tell by the name, this product is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. You have probably heard of it before if you are a mass blog reader, as the La Roche Posay products have definitely done the rounds on the blogs but I always like to review my products from an individual perspective as many people react differently depending on their skin types!

I generally have dry skin as you have probably heard me say before, (read-same thing...) so breaking out with a mass of spots and blemishes thankfully doesn’t happen to me all that often, but when it does I literally feel like I need to go into hiding. If I get a spot, all hell lets lose. One turns into about a thousand and I look like I’ve been slung into a beehive. (Slightly exaggerated but who’s checkin’).

p.s- when I say I don’t often come out with spots and blemishes that does not mean my skin is perfect. I actually suffer with lots of skin conditions from thread veins (or spider veins), redness, sensitivity and eczema! –I am an expert on treating these if you are interested)

Let me just set the scene here so you know the reasons first for why I chose this product. The past 6 months have been extremely stressful, probably one of the most stressful times to date, and sadly, it really took its toll on my skin. I have been suffering from stress spots, spots relating to my digestion and respiratory system and all sorts including almost big red blotchy and swollen spots (really selling myself here- remember this was over a period of time. I probably had a maximum of 5 spots on my face at once, but spread out all over my face! but for me that really is a lot! So after holding out for them to go down, wearing minimal makeup and ensuring I adhered to strict skincare rules, nothing cut it. Introducing, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo.
I bought this product being a little sceptical at first as I wasn’t too sure that it was going to be too harsh on my skin, but was pleasantly surprised. The evening of purchase day, I carried out my normal cleanse and tone, and then applied the Effaclar Duo just over the areas of concern and rubbed it in. I then applied my normal moisturiser all over my face once the Effaclar Duo had seeped nicely in. repeated this morning and night, only over the areas of concern for about a week. Over the period of that week, week and a half, my skin did look noticeably different. The redness was almost gone, the spots were not painful to touch and the sensitivity around the area was pretty much gone. The spots were still there, but instead of being inflamed and feeling very active it was almost like they were dormant and on the path to disappearing! Overall, I am really pleased with this product and glad that I gave it a go as it really helped me to gain my confidence back, and feel comfortable to leave the house without feeling like everyone had a magnifying glass up to my face! Ever get that feeling? Pesky spots.

-If you have sensitive/dry/dehydrated/mature skin I would only apply this to the areas of concern, as for me it feels quite acidic on my skin. (When I first applied it as an all over moisturiser, the sensitive skin around my eyes and nose became quite irritated and sensitive)

-I think the product is quite specific in its duties- a moisturising repair cream, as opposed to a hydrating day/night moisturiser, therefore I would only apply it when necessary, not as an everyday product for a long period of time. Use it as a treatment for maybe 1-2 weeks, and then take a break.

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