My 2014 New Years Resolutions: Non-Beauty

So its two weeks into January, and it has gone so fast it's unreal! Now, I would like to introduce to my first ever selfie. (Top left). This selfie, (I don't have to put the ''s around the word selfie now because apparently it is now in the dictionary? Don't quote me on that) actually brings me onto the meaning of this post. Yep, you guessed it!- yes I know, or just read it on the title, clever clogs- its my New Years Resolutions post! You may be asking what uploading a selfie has anything to do with New Years Resolutions, but if you keep reading, you will find out why. So with that being said, I'v been trying out my New Years Resolutions over the past two weeks, and so far they haven't all quite gone to plan. Are you suprised? I'm certainly not. Some of them are typical NYR's (new years resolutions if you didn't already guess- note: say in a humorous sarcastic voice, not a rude sarcastic voice! 'cause that's not how A rolllll) and some are really new to me. I really do hope that this year I will actually achieve some of them! So, without any further ado, here they are:

Typical NYR's that don't require too much explanation.

1) Grow my nails- biting my nails just happens. It happens when im nervous, when i'm anxious (more about that later) and just generally when i'm not thinking. I want to start wearing nice nail polishes that don't look terrible because my nail beds don't quite reach the end of my fingers! (I don't have horrible bitten to bits nails, their still feminine(ish) just short! 

p.s this is the one that hasn't gone to plan so far- I only remember its a resolution when I realised I'v just bitten it off! *hides head in shame*

2) I'm at my last year of University now and i'm so determined to succeed! I am my own worst competition and always want to do as well if not better than my previous grade. I started Uni 3 years ago with the hope of graduating with a first class degree, and after doing quite well last year I know that I can achieve this if I really put my mind to it! Yes I am blowing my own trumpet but I do work extremely hard! I will be extremely extremely pleased and happy and excited if I graduate with a 2.1 however my theory is if I aim for a 1st, hopefully I will land upon a 2.1- there's method in my madness I promise.

3) Following the above- I aim to graduate this year! No space for failing here. Sorry, cya later! I always dream that I will graduate and feel like Elle from Legally Blonde 2, whilst wearing Louboutins. Too much?

4) Fitness. I do generally exerccise as it is, being on a dance degree and teaching too, however I haven't done any what I call 'hardcore sweaty cardio physical exercise' in what feels like YEARS (months) and I need to regain my fitness for when I go back to Uni at the end of January and am loaded with a full timetable of dancing! I had my first gym session on Friday and it felt good. I'm thinking of doing some fitness related posts for easy exercise and keeping fit too so let me know if that's something you're interested in! Nothing too extravagant I promise.

5) Detox. As you can probably tell from my twitter and instagram lately (clickable links here & here) that I have been obsessed with green tea. I'm looking to purchase the 'Your Tea' 14 day teatox to try, which will hopefully help boost my energy and knock off those last remaining Crimbo pounds. When it is back in stock, I might do a detox post talking about my exercise routine/eating plan and detox and how I felt before and after too if you fancy it! Let me know in the comments below or tweet me here. If you want to know more about this product then you can find more about it here. They do all sorts of tea for different reasons! It's really great and very natural.

Getting deeper...

6) So you know that I'm graduating this year, and you now know that I am very determined, and love to be working/writing/blogging etc, this brings me onto my life after University. I am very determined to get into my dream career, regardless of it being somewhat different to what I am doing at uni. After fumbling around in beauty over the years, I have followed my heart and my head (heart first obviously) and started to believe in myself that the career I want to have is something that I can achieve. Just because I aim very high, and have many dreams, it doesn't mean that they're not achievable. I am a massive believer in that if you work hard and keep your focus, you can achieve anything you want to. Its worked for me so far! In 2014, I aim, and hope to be on the path to working towards my dream career! If you want to know more about my past in beauty, and my life at university and career goals, let me know because there is ALOT to say and too much for this post! I think it would be a really inspiring post to read, especially if you feel like you're going round in circles. Trust me, I can relate.

7) Confidence. Believe it or not, I am a very self-conscious person! I absolutely love writing my blog, and have so so so so so many makeup tutorials/ makeup inspiration ideas and lots of makeup related posts written down in my blogging diary, but when it comes to taking a serious photo or even a selfie- it just doesn't happen for me. I always have a laugh with my friends and take silly photos, but taking a picture of myself- oh no. Not happening. So my 7th NYR is to be more confident, and find the best way for me to be confident when taking a photo of myself! (I cringe even writing that) Purely, for the purpose of this blog. You'v probably noticed that there is barely any photos of myself on here at all, if any! When I read blogs, I like to feel like I know the writer and seeing regular photos of them really helps you to connect with their writing, and I want for all you lovely readers to feel that connection with me too! So prepare for some akward photos coming you're way, but I am determined to start doing these step-by-step makeup looks for you guys! Hence- the akward, cheshire cat, double chinning grin I am sporting in the photo above! Lots more to come so get used to it!

8) Carry on learning my Diploma In Dance Education in Tap (Qualification to become a professional private dance teacher) and pass my examinations by the end of the year. Again, if you want to know more about this just let me know! I'm more than happy to let you all in the 'dancing side of me.' Great for those of you who love dance and want to get involved in a career path within the dance industry that doesn't involve being casted as the next sugar plum fairy or Billy Elliot. (By the way, just saying- Billy Elliot on the West End is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!)

9) Anxiety. In the past 5 months, I have regularly started getting really anxious to the point where its affecting my every day life. I think I have only told two people about this- my mum and one of my best friends, but it is really quite overwhelming. I haven't put this for sympathy because I'm not that type of girl. I don't do sympathy. Empathy is fine but no sympathy thank you! However, I am genuinely always such a happy and positive person that this regular feeling of anxiety and all the other additional emotional feelings that come with it are really exhausting and bringing me down. It's only when I find myself blogging, or fully focusing on something like my dissertation, uni work, dancing, or even watching YouTube videos and reading other peoples blogs that I truly eel free of it for that little while. My goal is to try and overcome this myself, as I did when I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks when I was a lot younger (end of primary school, through to around year 9) and hopefully shift these feelings of anxiety. If i'm being honest, I think it only came to light again once it finally sunk in that George was going to Afghanistan, so i'm hoping that when he is home in a few months it will really help to improve this! Fingers crossed.

10) So I am so desperate to go travelling around the world. Growing up, I always 100% had my heart set on travelling. I believe that the only regrets you have, should be because you didn't enjoy an experience or I don't know, didn't pick up those last pair of shoes in your size in the sale calling your name! I find the world such an intreiguing place, and so much want to travel to every corner of the earth to experience all the huge variety in cultures there are on the planet! The world is so easily accessible nowadays and you can be on the other side of the planet in less than 24 hours! I can't understand how people wouldn't want to experience the world for themselves! So anyway, my point is not that I want to travel the world in 2014 as that won't be feasible this year, however George and I are looking to take a little road trip down to the south of France in the summer and work are way down the Riviera, possibly into Barcelona, up to my dads (he lives in the south of France you see) and then back through Paris. I used to travel to France every year for about 17 years with my family every summer and loved going exploring and this is something George and I would really love to try this year! So planning this trip, is my last New Years Resolution! More of an aim really but who's pointing fingers.

So there you have it, my 10 NYR's. Do you have any similar to mine? Or have you just read this and thought, oh yeah that's mine too. Let me know! If you have a blog and have done a similar post, link it down below so I can have a read! Or, come and chat to me on Twitter here and Instagram here.  I know this post was more about my aims for the whole year instead of just goals for the next few months, but I like to have a 12 month plan! Or try to at least! Look out for my next post, its probably going to be a 2014 Beauty Resolution's post!



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