How To: A Detailed Step by Step Winged Eyeliner For Beginners

So, as you may remember, in my 2014 Beauty & Thoughts post (here) I did say that I was going to jump on the 'selfie' bandwagon and begin giving all you lovely lot some 'How To' posts. So to kick off this new addition to the blog, I thought I would tackle my biggest beauty pet-peeve ever, the dreaded winged-liner.

No matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch, blog posts I study and images I look at, I just cannot get it right. I don't have you typical large eyes and eye socket, or a naturally curvy eye shape and I think that is where my struggle was! Applying the eyeliner over my eye was something I got the nack of after a while but no matter how hard I tried the winged-liner just wasn't happening. I think you definitely have to spend a good amount of time studying your own eye shape in order to create your signature flick!

"That's all well and good Alex" I hear you say "but how do we actually do it!"

Step 1. Have a look at the photo above, can you see where my crease is? It's where that wrinkly line is just below the flick, making a semi-circle shape over my lid. Locate your crease, and check the next step!

Step 2. Before you worry about applying your eyeliner over your lid, I would work on your flick first as that way if it goes wrong you can remove it without ruining the rest of your perfectly laid liner! So you don't want to close your eyes, keep your eyes open, take your ring finger and place it gently on your upper lid, pulling it slightly upward toward the edge of your eyebrow.

Step 3. Take your chosen eyeliner brush and just place it in line with your outer nose, outer corner of your eye and up to your eyebrow to see where you want the line of your flick to follow. Just make note of where the crease of your eyelid meets the pencil as this will create the line of your flick. Remove the brush and gently make a dot where the crease of your eyelid met the brush.

Step 4. So now you want to locate your dot, take the eyeliner of your choice (still holding your eyelid taught with your ring finer) and begin to bring the line down to the very outer corner of your eye- it may be a short line, but that is fine because we can build upon it later.

Step 5. Before we neaten up the flick, add the liner to the rest of your eye. I like to take mine right down into the corner of my inner eye, keeping the line really thin and close to the lash line. Take your liner all the way to the outer corner of your eye where it should meet your flick.

Step 6.  So to create the illusion of a flowing, smooth cat flick, again hold your eyelid taught, and begin to build upon the flick, by thickening it from the outer corner. Start from the edge of the flick and work your way into the outer third of your lid, building as you go until you achieve your desired thickness! I personally like a thin flick as I have very small eyes!To extend your flick above your crease to really wing it out, again hold your upper eyelid taught and instead of taking the flick upwards, you want to work against gravity for a smoother finish and work downwards. Find where it is you want your flick to start, make another dot and line it down toward where your original flick began.

So that concludes my first 'How-To' post! Let me know if you have found it helpful and if there are any other pesty techniques you want the 411 on! I would LOVE for you to send me a photo on Twitter here, or Instagram here, if you have recreated this flick with the help of Blushous Beauty! Add it on the hashtag #blushousbeautywings so I can search for your pictures! Don't forget I am on Facebook too, I would really love it if you came and joined me by liking the page here! Oh and for my bloglovin' profile, click here.

Until next time, Happy February!
P.S How do you think my first-ever blog selfies went? Excuse the chubby cheeks. I did try to contour...


  1. I need to give this a try! Every time I try to do winged eye liner it ends up wonky.. Or one eye thicker than the other! Useless, haha. Thanks for the tips :) Great post.


  2. I'm glad you found it useful! The trick is patience. Start of small and just keep layering. Good luck!

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