ZOEVA Rose Gold Brush Set

After being a little MIA for a while, (begrudgingly, with a dissertation deadline looming, it meant University had to be prioritised) I am back with a brand new post. As you can tell from the photo, this post is all about the absolutely gorgeous Zoeva Rose Gold Brush set. There is only one word to describe it. 'Heavenly'...
For months I deliberated which zoeva brushes to add to my collection. As soon as the rose gold luxury brush set hit the 'new in' section of the zoeva website, it was like love at first sight. Naturally, within a very short amount of time, (thanks to the swift delivery) I had my hands on my very own set! Exciting. (I'm pretty sure I just stared at them for around 5 minutes before I took them out their packaging!)- note on the packaging- definitely gets a 10/10! A lot of love was put into ensuring the brushes were well protected and packaged.

The 8 piece brush set is available for £49 including an amazing leather makeup bag with rose gold detailing. That means that individually, your getting each brush for around £6.00 each, and a free makeup bag. Wowza.

1/ Powder brush: Perfect for applying powder and bronzer all over the face. It gives a really natural coverage and therefore allows you to build up the application evenly. Generally better used for an all over look as opposed to a more defined look, however, with the shape of the brush, extra definition can be made when contouring with a bronzer. I recently took this away with me on a short city break and it was a great multi-tasker! with the synthetic fibers, I was able to dust off any excess product and use it to add bronze, contour, blush and highlighter! (I tilted the brush and used the edge of it to apply highlighter)

2/ Silk finish: I absolutely love this brush for applying my foundation. It doesn't hinder the application in the slightest. The brush is so soft and smooth it makes applying foundation so dreamy! I'm a dewy foundation kinda gal' and sometimes I find using a makeup brush to apply my base takes away some of the dewyness. With this particular brush, there is no danger of that! Foundation applies smoothly, evenly and is helps blend foundation for a seamless look.

3/ Contour brush: I mostly like to use this brush to apply concealer and to contour with when using a cream product, purely because I feel that synthetic fibers don't work as well with powder products. But with its small size and rounded edges, it creates the perfect shadow by getting into the smaller areas of your face that you want to contour more specifically, such as your temples and under your cheekbones!

4/ Angled blusher brush: This brush is great for applying both blusher and highlighter. I find that the brush takes the product really well, but doesn't swallow it up. When applying your highlighter or blusher, the majority of the product is deposited on the face as opposed to being sucked into the brush! There are lots of individual hairs which makeup the brush so the application is very smooth and seamless providing a really flawless finish on the skin.

5/ Concealer brush: I don't often use a concealer brush as I like to blend concealer with my fingers, however when I do, this is the brush I go for. Its short, closely packed fibers help blend in concealer smoothly without leaving brush lines over the face (which often can happen with creamy concealers). I like to use this brush when covering dark circles, covering up spots or blemishes and even for applying a contour down  the sides of my nose. Again, this brush provides a seamless and smooth finish.

6/ Soft definer brush: I have always dreamed of owning my own MAC 217 brush, but right now, I'm happy finding dupes in cheaper companies such as Crown brushes (here) and eBay. However, look no further. Other reviews have exclaimed how this brush is a great dupe for the MAC 217 and I couldn't be more pleased. This is possibly the best eye shadow brush I have ever used. It is so soft, applies such a good amount of product onto the lid and blends eye shadow together like butter. It is also great for sensitive skin like mine as the super soft hairs ensure there is no irritability on the lid. Say goodbye to harsh lines and hello to soft, blended, seamless, dreamy eye shadow. If this really is a dupe, I may just have to bite the bullet on the MAC 217...

7/ Soft crease brush: Again, amazing. The perfect size brush even for small shaped eyes like mine. It's so important to blend blend blend when applying eye products and for me, (a small-eyed gal) I hadn't found my ideal crease brush until now. It  fits so perfectly into the crease and really allows you to create the perfect definition without affecting the remainder of the look. At the moment, my favourite thing to do is to use the soft definer brush to sweep a light shimmery shade across the lid. Then, using my soft crease brush, dip it into my Chanel cream bronzer and define the crease. Add a coraly lipstick, try MAC coral bliss (here) or Revlon juicy papaya (here) to create the perfect spring look!

8/ Winged liner brush: I began using this brush to fill in my eyebrows, but don't do that, it really isn't good for that! So after neglecting it for a little while, I decided to bite the bullet and use it to apply my winged liner. (I prefer using a thin brush to apply my liner). Thankfully, I was pleasantly suprised! I usually try and avoid winged liner as I feel it makes my eyes look smaller and more heavy, but this brush really helps to make the most natural, thin line across your upper lid and with the angled brush, all I do to create my flick is tilt my head back, line it up with my lower lash line and bobs your uncle. You have the perfect cat eye! If you want to see how I apply my winged liner in much more detail, click here.

The brushes are so soft and easy to clean.  At such a small price per brush, you really can't go wrong with this brush set. Perfect for the beginner, and professional! One important tip- after cleaning, ensure you dry the entire brush. Sadly my rose gold features have turned a marbley rusty colour!

zoeva rose golden luxury brush set, £49 here





  1. Beautiful brushes ! Thankyou gurl for posting this !

  2. They are so beautiful! You're more than welcome my love x


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