A Bold Summer's Lipstick

The past few months, I have had three favourite lipsticks that I have been wearing non- stop. Kind of worrying as one is empty, the other has about two applications left and this one, well I think i'l be safe for a few more weeks. First off, excuse the smudged, non crisp edge of my lipstick in the photos, it is very well loved! Say hello to MAC's Lady Danger.

As it says on the website, this is a vivid, bright, coral-red and it couldn't be more bang on. I love the classicness (I realise this is not a real word but it goes-sort of) of a red lip, but in the summer months you will find me endlessly eyeing up the full spectrum of orange coloured lipsticks. This lipstick has pretty much banged together in one formula my favourite red, and my favourite orange, leaving a really beautiful coloured pout. When I wear this lipstick I feel like the most powerful person ever! I literally feel like wonder woman when I leave the house. It is bright don't get me wrong, but I just feel like this lipstick is perfect for the summer months and bang on trend.

Lady Danger is completely matte, however when the sun catches it, it sometimes gives off a little sheen which is so pretty and natural looking. I don't apply a lip liner with this, but that's purely because i'm lazy. If you have small lips like me, I would recommend applying a lip liner as it is a bold colour and you want it to look perfect, however saying that I don't use one and I like it just as much. The formula can be a little drying if you don't look after your lips with a regular exfoliator or a lip balm, and so as this is a matte lipstick and it does highlight cracked or dry lips, I would recommend applying a lip balm underneath or apply it at the beginning of your makeup routine so they are nice and moisturised when you come to apply your lippy. This lipstick is probably the longest lasting MAC lipsticks I own, and definitely will last you a good few hours. I think I remember Amelia Liana film a top 5 MAC lipsticks YouTube video featuring this lipstick where she so kindly informs us of how her friend managed to get some lip action with a boy with minimal transfer! Check that out here if you fancy a watch. I know I say this about most lipsticks, but honestly anyone would look amazing wearing this shade, so go get it now!

MAC Lady Danger, £15 here


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