Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15

I think everyone who loves makeup, has at least one or two favourite things to buy and use. For me my two makeup loves are foundation and lipstick. I am always on the look out for a new foundation and always have at least 3 on my wishlist to buy. I'm usually an all rounder kinda girl when it comes to makeup, I love mixing up both drugstore products and high-end products, but when it comes to foundation I always seem to sway more to the higher-end foundation. Recently while heading out to Europe for a short city break, I picked up the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Duty Free. I think its fair to say this foundation really surprised me.
If you know me, you know that 9.999999999% of the time I will go for a dewy foundation. For me, dewy skin is a must. If I don't feel that my foundation gives me the right amount of dewiness, I will add either a highlighter to my foundation or over the top to give it that extra bit of glow, or sometimes even both- I just love glowing skin! I also think that with my extra dry skin, dewy foundations adhere much better and last a lot longer on my face as there is more often than not a good level of moisture in the product. So the lady at the counter advised me that the best foundation for 'light to medium coverage, with SPF and a dewy finish' would be the Skin Foundation with SPF 15. 

I like to apply this product with either my Real Techniques Stippling Brush, £10.99 here, or my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, £11.99 here. As it is a liquid foundation, you could apply it with your fingers but I like to build up the coverage to medium, and I find the best results are achieved with a brush.

The finish is very light on the skin, as it says in the name it is a skin foundation. It doesn't cover blemishes or spots completely, but you can expect it to cover any areas of redness. I would say slight/very small areas of skin pigmentation may be covered, but larger areas would not be. On first application it provides a very light finish, almost like what you would expect to achieve with a tinted moisturiser, but I like to apply a second layer just to build up the coverage to medium. It has a really natural dewy finish, but doesn't look shiny. The dewiness on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most (think NARS sheer glow) I would say its a strong 3. When you turn your head, the light picks up on it really nicely making your skin look extremely healthy and lit from within. I love it. Another great thing about this foundation is that it is water based, and so it is a great all round foundation for every skin type. The water base allows people with oily skin to wear this foundation, and it still look healthy and dewy with a natural glow. Not to mention it also has SPF 15, an absolute must with foundations. The SPF within this will also help create that dewy look!

This product is a liquid foundation, and has a very light consistency.

For me, the longevity is not that great.When I buy a high-end foundation, I expect it to last me at least 6-8 hours. Maybe I aim a little too high but the majority of my foundations do last me this amount of time. I find that after about 3 hours the product starts to evaporate from my skin. Luckily, it doesn't slide, or crease, or go patchy, it just seems to dissappear (which doesn't often happen with dry skin). However, I could put this negative aside and still buy the foundation as it just makes your skin look so beautiful, and it is a great summer foundation. It doesn't even feel like you're wearing foundation and is easily topped up throughout the day.

The design of makeup from the packaging to the bottle to the lid is a massive deal breaker for me. I carry makeup around with me a lot and so I like my makeup to be travel friendly. The bottle itself is glass which is a bit of a pain as it makes it heavy, but it is also so beautiful as well. It looks so expensive and you do get you're moneys worth from it. I absolutely love that it has a pump dispenser, it makes applying it so much quicker and more practical. I find that three pumps are ample for my face. I like to let it soak in and settle before I add any more to build up the coverage. 

Application of other products
As it is now summer time and the weather (in the UK) will hopefully get hotter, I would say that cream/gel products are a definite must. This foundation works really well with apply gel and cream products over the top and gives your skin an extra glow. I love to wear my Chanel Universal Bronzer with this foundation. I would also say that powder products are also great with this foundation, but I would go for more subtle colours, I would also avoid a deep contour too as it will take away from the natural look this foundation gives. I personally would not use this foundation if you are heading out to an evening event, or for cocktails with the girls, as you want something that will last you and not budge. I personally feel that this foundation is absolutely great for a really nice day time, summer look, where you want your skin to look natural, glowy and sunkissed.

Question- Will I buy it again?
Answer- Not immediately, but I would consider it again next summer when i'm picking up my annual dewy foundation.

Question- Should you buy it?
Answer- If you like light consitency, buildable and dewy finish foundation, yes. You should buy it immediately.

If you're looking for something similar, but with a much longer lasting power, and a more medium buildable coverage, but still a great quality dewy foundation, check out one of my more recent posts here. I don't call this the Holy Grail foundation for no reason...

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15, £30 here

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