The Ultimate Lazy Girl Evening Skincare Routine

Lets face it, we can all get a bit lazy when it comes to removing our makeup before we hit the sack. It's all well and good, not to mention easy to grab a makeup wipe and that's you sorted, but you know just as well as I do that quick and easy fixes will not give us endless glowing skin! My nan is living proof that if you treat your skin kindly from an early age, it will always look after you. Honestly! Into her seventies and I dare you to try and find wrinkles! FYI, she has used Olay religiously since she hit her twenties. Anyway, so the purpose of this post is to share with you my 4 step 'lazy bedside table' nighttime routine that takes my makeup off in minutes without even having to get out of bed.
Step 1- Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk, £19 here
Originally, I really wanted to try this product in the balm, however whilst in Duty Free, the cleansing milk was my only option and I wasn't willing to be patient! I was a little skeptical about purchasing this as my skin has never cooperated with any Clinique skincare product before, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one! I start my taking three pumps into my hands, rub it together a little and then work it onto my face on top of my makeup. I make sure that I don't wet my face before because when the product is worked into the skin, it almost transitions into a really light oil and oil cleansers break down and dissolve makeup really well without needing water. I literally apply this all over my face, neck and into my eyes to dissolve my mascara. It even dissolves the most unruly waterproof and waxy mascaras too which is great! Note- you will look like a panda. 

Step 2- Bioderma Sensibio H20- Micelle Solution, from £4.50 here
A non-wash micellar water solution, this is great for a no-hassle, fuss-free cleansing jobby. I squirt this onto a cotton pad, and swipe it all over my face, eyes and neck removing the Clinique cleanser from my face. I like to use this as it really makes me feel that I have removed all my makeup. Bioderma is a makeup-artists must have product as it is essentially a make-up remover and cleanser that is so quick, easy and effective to use. It comes in three different sizes which are so travel friendly, perfect if you find yourself on an aeroplane a lot! It is alcohol free, good for those with irritated and sensitive skin, helps reduce redness, leaving your skin feel extra clean, smooth, and really refreshed! (You can pick up a bottle to suit your skin type specifically- just check on the website as the packaging comes in red, green and blue depending on your skin type) I have really dry skin, with redness and sensitivity and I use the red bottle and it makes my skin feel amazing- (there is another option for extremely dry and sensitive skin!) Just for reference- I got the 500 ml, which has lasted me since August last year and I use it almost every night.
 Step 3- Origins Make a Difference Serum, £46 here.
Skincare can be a little overwhelming at times, especially with all these serums, bb and cc creams out, but forget about those for now. More importantly and a step that I will now never miss out of my skincare routine is serum. I absolutely love my Origins Make a Difference serum. It is on the pricier side but there are more and more serums out on the market these days with a much more affordable price tag. My advice when it comes to serum, remember that the difference between a serum and a moisturiser, is that a serum corrects, whilst a moisturiser protects. A serum gets right down deep into the base layer of your skin and aims to correct all the problems. Do you have lack lustering skin that needs a boost and some life? Try and serum which boasts a radiant complexion! Do you have dry and sensitive skin? Try a serum that boasts moisturising properties. Don't get overwhelmed by serums, take a look at your skin and if there is anything you want to try and improve, then a serum is your best bet to try and fix it. However, still don't skip this step if you have amazing skin. You need to prolong your healthy skin as remember we are humans, we can't avoid the ageing process! Try a serum that illuminates your skin from within. Chances are it will have moisturising properties in their too to keep your skin soft and hydrated all year long.

For a purse friendly option, try the Body Shop serum, £11, here.
*Again, have a look for the serum that will be best suited to your skin type!*

Step 4- Origins Make a Difference Moisturiser, £34 here
My favourite moisturiser to apply at nighttime is is the Origins Make a Difference Moisturiser. A little pricey, but worth every penny. This light formula sinks into my skin leaving it feel effortlessly soft, smooth and hydrated. When I wake up in the morning, my skin still feels fully hydrated, looks bright and dewy and feels just as fresh as when I applied it. If you haven't tried out their products, you really should. What is great about Origins that you don't often get with high-end brands, is that if you're skin doesn't agree with the product, you can return it and they will provide you with a different range. Not to mention free facials every 6 weeks from when you buy into the brand! If that's not a good enough excuse then I don't know what is! 

So there we have it, my 5 step night time routine that you can apply right from your duvet. When you become a pro at taking your makeup off this way, you can nail your routine in about 4 minutes. Pretty sure last time I checked that's how long it took me to use a makeup wipe!

I hope you found this post helpful, if you don't own a serum, please go and get yourself one! Trust me you will thank me. Come and follow me on Twitter for a chat, here, and if you loved this post then come and like my Facebook page here for regular updates on new posts and photos! I'm also on Bloglovin' here if you fancy following me over there too. Oh, and obviously I have Instagram.
Peace out.


  1. I love the Bioderma solution! Whenever I get lazy, I automatically reach for it!


  2. I do! They're so effective and do the job quickly!


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