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Back in April, I went on a city break to Prague with mum as a part of her 50th birthday celebrations. We secured a pretty good deal so it we thought why not hit up Europe. We went for 3 nights/4 days and got up to a few pretty fun things whilst we were there and so I thought I would share with you some a lot of photos from our trip, and what we got up to whilst in Prague! And as usual within my jet-setting posts, a few tips and advice from me to you. You can thank me later...

We arrived just after the Easter Holidays, and so we were really lucky to see the Easter Market which I think they hold annually over there! There were lots of fun things going on, lots of food markets, Easter decorations and even a little hut where you could feed two donkeys, a goat, a baby goat and a big fluffy sheep! I did feel really bad for them though as it was such a hot day (despite me wearing a coat-I just couldn't be bothered to carry it) and they should have been playing in the fields, not being gawped at by crazy tourists like myself. One of the donkeys reminded me of Eeyore as he looked absolutely miserable! 

I would say that in general, Prague is very quiet in comparison to other European city destinations, but in this particular area there was lots going on! I think the area we were in was either the New Town or the Old Town, (there both next to each other). There were a few street performers but these ones in particular definitely caught my attention! I certainly didn't feel like I was in Prague but there music was pretty cool!

These were potato chips just fried on a stick! Sadly, they were a little bit dry but they did taste quite nice!

On the second night, (we just went for a quiet meal the first evening as we arrived really late!) we went on a boat tour of Prague. I would highly recommend this, we didn't see many deals going for this, and I can't remember exactly how much we paid for this, but it was in one of the tourist guide books that the hotels usually give you! It picked us up from the hotel at 6 pm, we then went and picked up the other family's/couples that were on the trip too from their hotels. From there we had a guided tour of Prague for an hour which was really interesting. The tour guide spoke really good English, and seemed very knowledgeable with a bit of humor added in which is always a bonus! They then took us to the harbour and we boarded the boat! There was a free buffet with hot and cold food, and one free drink. We then cruised the river for the next 3 hours. It was so lovely as we were able to see Prague in daylight, twilight, and lit up in the darkness! It was absolutely beautiful. I was a little worried at first as I get very sea sick/travel sick/motion sick - yes i'm so much fun to travel with! but it was so slow, you didn't even feel like you were moving and as it was within a river and not a sea it was absolutely fine! 
What was really lovely is that there was a band which consisted of a fantastic singer, and an acoustic guitar player/singer which is my all time favourite type of music and it really set a beautiful atmosphere! We met two really nice couples, and had such a laugh with them. In one of the pictures above of me and mum, you can see there is a man peeping through in between us. His wife was actually taking the photo but none of us had realised he was in it too and it was rather funny at the time! Anyway I had to insert it as it was a very funny memory, the couple couldn't stop giggling at it and so I made them take a photo so they could explain the story to their family when they got home to Singapore! The other couple were very generous, lavish and genuine and 'wined and dined' us if you like. They had been travelling all over Europe and came from Australia and Bali so it was really interesting getting to know them! The husband had just had his children's book received by the Queen too which was really impressive! (The Queen of England). Anyway that was random but I thought I would tell you that memory of mine! At the end of the night, the minibus picks you up and takes you back to your hotel. Mum and I got dropped off at the other end of the road we usually walked down, and as it was pitch black we had no idea where we were we thought he had dropped us off somewhere completely different! Turns out we just had a barings all mixed up. That was also a funny moment!

As you can see above, Prague has a replica of the Eiffel Tower. It doesn't look that big from the photo, but it was absolutely giant! It was right on the top of a huge mountainy/hill and you could see views of the whole of Prague! I underestimated the height and made mum and I walk up to the top! As soon as we got to the top it literally started swaying I had to go back down again! Bare in mind this was after I made mum walk what felt like miles through the gardens to get to the top of the hill! (The que for the little tram that takes you up the mountain was so long, and the gardens looked so pretty I pursuaded mum that it would be more fun to walk it- don't take my advice here. Definitely take the tram!) After climbing and walking what felt like a million miles in the scorching heat, we treated ourselves to a cold beer, split a chocolate eclair and tucked into the strawberries, tomatoes and grapes we bought at a local food market/shop earlier that day! I would definitely recommend going here though as the views are incredible. After climbing the tower, we walked down towards Prague Castle (which was closed on this day as the President was arriving and therefore the public were not allowed in there!) but it was still really lovely to walk through all the streets and see another side to Prague! Side Note: Get the tram to the top of the tower from the bottom, and then carry on walking down through the gardens following the path towards the castle as you will get to see the beautiful gardens, beautiful views and gorgeous little ice cream shops and restaurants surrounding Prague Castle which you won't get too if you go back down on the tram!

This is the famous clock in Old/New Town Prague (can't remember exactly which one but both towns are right next to each other) which is so cute. As you can see in the picture, there are little skeletons to the right, and above the clock there are little wooden people that come out a bit like a cuckoo-clock. This happens every time the clock strikes the next hour. We were lucky enough to arrive at 2.50pm with only 10 minutes to go not realising that this is the reason you were supposed to go to this famous clock, but we got a pretty good spot! As you can see from the photo above, us tourists love a cuckoo-clock. If you get there early enough, you can even climb to the top of the church and experience it from the top!

Prior to going to Prague, a lot of people had insisted that we went to an event at the State Opera regardless of what it was as the building was so beautiful it couldn't be missed. Luckily enough, mum managed to book us tickets to watch Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake! I was so excited as for my birthday back in February we went to Birmingham to watch Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and we loved it so much! I had always wanted to see the original version and so to watch one of my favourite ballet's in the State Opera was just incredible. So along we went on our last night and we had such an amazing time! As a dancer, I really appreciate going to the theatre, and watching performances whether it's a musical or a ballet. It just gets me so excited as I can relate to the kind of adrenaline the dancer's feel on the stage! Although I'v never danced at a State Opera, I can still kind of relate. It was absolutely beautiful and so great to see the differences between Tchaikovsky's original and Bourne's. We then went for a really lovely meal in Wenceslas Square afterwards. (Which I swear I had a photo of but maybe I couldn't find it. Sorry guys!) On the last day, we had a really lazy day, went back to Wenceslas Square, and then finished off with some pasta and wine at a lovely little restaurant down a buzzy, touristy, windey street.

Tip: Prague seem to offer you 0.2 litres of wine, or 0.5 litres of wine at restaurants. 0.2 was not certainly not enough for me but I didn't quite realise that the next size up was half a bottle! So if you are wine drinkers and only looking to have one nice full size glass, maybe opt for the 0.5 litres and share!

Tip: Mum and I also went on a city bus tour. I am an absolute lover of these as they show you the city so well. I definitely DO NOT I repeat DO NOT recommend this to ANYONE! There are only two buses which run every 45 minutes, which means you have to stay at one place for either 45 minutes, or an hour and a half. The majority of places on this bus are not places you would really want to explore except from the castle, and the old/new town. Everywhere in Prague is walking distance and so I definitely don't recommend wasting your money on a city tour. Things like the boat cruise are great ways to explore the city, especially with an hour mini bus tour taking you everywhere you need to go/see and informing you of Prague and its history extremely well! To conclude this very long blog post,

My top 5 places to visit in Prague are:
1) The State Opera
2) The Eiffel Tower/Gardens
3) The Castle and its gorgeous roads surrounding it
4) Get yourself on a river cruise- the views of the city at night are like nothing else
5) Old Town/ New Town where you will find lots of boutiques, restaurants, ice cream shops and history
Bonus- Wenceslas Square if you're looking for the red light district. Apart from that, totally do not rate it!

I hope this post was helpful or if not just nice to look at the photos! As usual, any questions you're best bet is to tweet me here, or leave a comment below! I will always get back to you :). Find me on Instagram here, Bloglovin' here and if you enjoyed this post i'd love for you to come and like my Facebook page here! 

Let me know in the comments below if you have been, or are going to Prague soon and this post helped you in anyway at all!


  1. What a beautiful place! With all these photos my wish is to fly to Prague right now! :) xx

  2. It was absolutely beautiful! Very European x


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