To The Beach!

It was such a hot and sunny day yesterday that George and I decided to take a trip down to our local beach in Walton on the Naze. We're so lucky that we live within 20 minutes of three beaches (Walton, Frinton and Clacton- although Clacton beach isn't as nice) that sometimes we don't take advantage of it enough. I realised when we got there that I haven't been to the beach since we went to Dubai last summer (blog post here) so I was really excited when I saw the sea. I'm a little sad like that. We had such a fun, chilled out relaxed afternoon and I thought I would share some photos with you!
We went to Walton so we could release our inner child and go to the pier! As any grown adult does, we took our 2 pence coins and tried our very best to win even more on the penny machines! I was better at it then George which gave me great pleasure!

We took a nice leisurely stroll into the town and back along the coast where I spotted our future dog (every time I see one I tug on Georges arm like a little kid) and got an ice cream to finish it off! My favourite is definitely and orange callipo-the best flavour ever and Georges is the most boring flavour in the world- a snickers. I hope you all had as much of a fun Sunday as we did! I'm sure we will all be getting up to the same thing next weekend! A few drinks whilst watching the footie and hopefully a celebratory drink too! . I must say, i'm not much of a football fan but everyone has to watch the World Cup! #Englandtowintheworldcup


  1. The weather looks amazing :) Nice little beach too :)


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