New York City: Round 3

Anyone who's anyone with family, a boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband or even friend that are in the military will know that it is completely impossible to make any plans whatsoever. Not even for 'next weekend.' It can be really difficult and frustrating at times but it also means you develop a great deal of spontaneity which can also be pretty fun and exciting too! Mine and Georges most recent stab at spontaneity was when he arrived home for his long awaited three weeks leave. On Wednesday 6th August at 3pm ish we decided it would be pretty amazing but crazy if we went to New York. On a whim without having even looked at holidays, I renewed my Visa (luckily George already had one as he spent 3 weeks in California in May) and it was accepted instantly! Yippee! By 4.30pm George had booked us a last minute trip to the Big Apple, with our flight leaving London Heathrow Airport at 9.30am... the following morning! Now if that isn't spontaneity then I don't know what is. How I managed to pack a suitcase, and go to my both of my best friends birthday dinners that night, I don't know. Anyway a long intro but keep posted if you want to catch up with what we got up to while we were there! And like my other travel posts, you can expect a good nose at our photos- including what I have been referring to on Instagram as my 'drunk selfie series'
Grand Central Station! I felt like I was in the movie 'Friends with Benefits'
There was a movie being filmed on the street! It was so cool to see behind the scenes
I love the horses outside Central Park! p.s I didn't realise I was being snapped hence the gormless expression!

At Ground Zero, the two new monuments are pretty touching. All the names of the Victims have been engraved around the two waterfalls. It's pretty special.
This was a firetruck that had been used following the 9/11 Terrorist Attack. It is now safe within the museum at Ground Zero

Walking through Little Italy was fun. I thought I'd share this photo with you as I love how the Empire State is all lit up right in the background!
One of my favourite days, was when we walked through Central Park after not being able to find our discounted bicycle tour guide place. It was definitely one of the hottest days I think, around 30 degrees and we walked aimlessly around trying to find the Boat House. It was so relaxing after the buzz from the city to just take a leisurely stroll- like us Brits do, and just take in life as a New Yorker. After walking past a baseball game which was pretty cool, we ventured past a group of people dressed in medieval clothing, with swords and shields, the whole lot, playing a game of, erm, war? Who knows. Think 'Grown Ups'- as in the film, yep, that's exactly what it was like! We then walked past a group of men an women doing some sort of folk dance to music, a castle and the turtle pond. Eventually, we found the Boat House and rented a boat for an hour. Naturally I was much better at rowing than George, but either way it was fun and dare I say romantic! Don't cringe on me now guys.On our way back to the hotel, we saw that there was a free concert that had been set up for the people of New York. Of course we went, had a sanpellegrino and had a lot of fun! Also, Passenger was playing which was cool and so we both had a sing song!

The best breakfast we had the whole trip. Recommended guys, seriously. I think the restaurant was called 'The Villagio' on Park Lane next to our hotel. I kept calling it 'The Bellagio' all week by accident!
 So that concludes my post! Although it has been rather picture heavy, this is only a small look into the many things we got up to whilst in the US. This was my third trip to New York and there is still so much I want to do there that to be honest, wasn't fair to put George through- think, Gossip Girl Tour, Sex in the City Tour, Friends Tour.If I have any advice for you it is:-Don't knock the touristy stuff. It really is cool. Especially the bus tours. They show you every tourist attraction worth seeing- sadly minus the Gossip Girl, Friends and SITC tour, they're all separate.-You have to do the 9/11 museum. I mean it. It is absolutely incredible and actually reduced me to tears at one stage. It is a bit of an emotional experience, but it has been so well thought out and designed that in a way, it makes you re-live the moment but as if you were there, Although that sounds terrifying, it really is amazing and words can't explain, but it was a pretty touching experience.-If you want to change up currency, make sure you barter them on their commission, I managed to gain an extra $60 dollars!-Don't worry too much about the location of your hotel. Maybe avoid uptown, but anywhere in Midtown and Downtown is great. There is so much to do in such close proximity! I would say Times Square area is a good choice though. This time round, George and I stayed in Central Park at 'The Park Lane Hotel' and it was absolutely incredible. What we thought was a cheap deal turned out to be a gorgeous luxury hotel, just down from the Plaza! We even got a free upgrade to a beautiful room.-If you haven't book a transfer/return transfer to the airport, get the subway. It's extremely cheap and you avoid all the insane NYC traffic getting you too and from your destination much quicker!-Lager and Lime. That is all.-Don't forget, when buying things out there nothing has tax on it! And in most places, 'tips are very welcome'-Last but not least, enjoy it! and think seriously about your choice in shoes. As a tourist, comfort is v-i-t-a-l. Seriously.-Oh, and, avoid black cabs. Always get a yellow one unless you want to see your $$$$$ disappear.
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P.s, Could you notice which photos were a part of my #drunkselfieseries?


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