Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

I'v been eyeing up Tanya Burr's cookies since she started making them last year. With a new video up on her YouTube channel here, I thought it was about time I made a mess of it. My experience with cookie-making has never turned out as hoped, and I won't lie, my first batch didn't turn out exactly as I'd have hoped. However, Batch 2 and 3 were definite winners and lucky for you, i'm passing on the secret recipe with a few added tips from my many years of baking delicious cakes. (Thanks nan for teaching me).

The ingredients you will need are:
200g room temperature cooking butter
300g caster sugar
1 egg
325g self raising flour
dash of milk 
200g white chocolate 
200g milk chocolate

You will also need:
A large mixing bowl
Electric mixer (or strong biceps and a wooden spoon....)
An oven mitt
2 x baking trays (or just 1 like me, you will just have to wait a little longer to eat all your cookies)
Baking paper/Grease proof paper/ Tracing paper
A spatula
A wire rack
A sieve with really really small holes in it. Not a spaghetti drainer.
Measuring scales
An oven. ha ha I bet you thought about it though..
*Set your oven to 200 degrees Celsius*
1/ Mix together your butter and caster sugar in your mixing bowl with your electric whizzer. I cut my butter into small pieces so its easier to whiz up
2) Crack in your egg and mix it in. I like to whisk mine in a bowl before I add it in for a better texture

3) Keep mixing until the mixture is soft, not lumpy and not like breadcrumbs

4) Use your sieve to sieve your flour into a separate bowl. (This will get rid of flour lumps in the mixture). Add the flour into the mixture in 3 equal lots and mix in between so you don't find yourself in a huge flour cloud!

5) Keep mixing until the mixture is doughy, and is squidgy ready to be made into your cookies.

6) Break up your choice of chocolate and put it into the mixture

7) Now its time to get messy. Wash your hands, then use one hand to grab the mixture from the bottom and pull it to the top. Keep repeating this so the chocolate gets distributed evenly throughout your mixture
8) Line your baking tray with your baking paper (you can smooth some butter underneath it so the paper sticks down if you like

9) This recipe makes 10 cookies. Depending on how big your baking tray is depends how many you can fit on each tray. I only had one small baking tray, so I had to bake my cookies in 3 batches. Batch 1 I fitted two cookies on, but batches 2 and 3 I managed to fit I think 3 and 4 cookies on. (That's because I made my cookies a little too big on batch 1)

10) Place your cookies onto your baking tray(s). Sizewize, aim for the cookies to fit into the palm of your hand. Flatten them a little so they cook all the way through

11) Pop the cookies in the oven for 10-12 minutes MAXIMUM. When they come out, they will look like there not done, and the mixture will look like its not cooked, but you have to leave them to cool for 30 minutes, and this is where the magic happens. They will be done after 30 minutes cooling. Promise

12) Now here's where my first batch went wrong. I tried to remove them from the baking paper straight away. but as they were still gooey, it basically turned into this...
What you need to do is pick up the baking paper with the cookies still on it, and place it on a wire rack or chopping board. Then they will remain all in one piece!

So that is the amazing recipe. If you want to make your cookies into triple chocolate cookies, all you need to do is sieve two tablespoons of  cocoa powder in with the flour and voila! To keep them fresh, place them in a tupperware box or a container after you'v finished with them. To serve them to your hungry guests, place them on a plate and your ready to go! Oh and, if you make the same mistake as I did, do not I repeat do not throw them away. They make great scraps ;) 

So go on, go and enjoy your cookies! I know I did.


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