A Nude Combo Fit For The Winter

My name is Alex and I am a lipstick hoarder. There, I admitted it. There's just something about lipsticks that I can't resist and lately, it's got worse. My obsession with lipsticks has recently developed into lip liners, and I've been buying them by the plenty! I picked up a new nude lipstick and lip pencil in MAC recently, and I'v been sporting them as a pair over the past few weeks.
I picked up MAC's 'Subculture' lip pencil, and 'Freckletone' cremesheen lipstick. I'v been lining my lips with Subculture, blending it in slightly so that it isn't as harsh, and then popping the lipstick over the top. I also have been wearing them on their own too and they look really gorgeous.

Freckletone is a light brown nude, with peach undertones, suitable for all skin tones but more importantly it is a great nude for blondes. Being a cremesheen it keeps your lips moisturised with that classic creamy finish. Lasting power is as per with MAC lipsticks but, generally it lasts up until you eat/drink. Lasting power isn't a big deal for me when it comes to nudes anyway, I only care about lasting power if i'm using a hard to apply colour like red, or if it's a matte finish.

Subculture is a really lovely all round natural nude. It has a bit of warmth to it, so you could wear it on it's own but it also matches to other nudes really well, which is great if you want a one show pencil that goes with all your nudes. P.s I'm pretty sure I read/watched somewhere its a Kimmy K fave. Although don't quote me on it, I could be lying.



  1. I'm a lipstick/lipliner hoarder too! MAC is my favorite because they carry a huge range of colors and finishes. I definitely have to check this combo out!


  2. I've been getting into lipliners a lot lately and haven't tried Mac ones yet! Subculture looks amazing and both as a pair sound to be a great everyday shade! :) xx

    Mary Bloomy


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