COLAB Dry Shampoo By The Amazing Ruth Crilly, A Model Recommends

I don't use dry shampoo's religiously, but I do feel a bit lost when I know I haven't got one to grab if I need it. Dry shampoo isn't necessarily a product that I would naturally jump to try when I see there's a new fragrance or range out but as I am such a huge fan of Ruth Crilly- and I practically stare at her face all day long at work (I work at Blow ltd and she is the model for quite a few of our looks that we have displayed in the beauty bar all day every day) and so I thought I should show some support and try out her new range! Boy was I glad I did.

I know i'm not the only girl who organises when they're going to wash their hair. I had planned to have a nice relaxing bath on the evening of my day off and was going to wash my hair too but needed to pop out in the day time to pick up something that just couldn't wait. I was on about day 2 of needing to wash my hair but didn't want to ruin my pa/mper evening I had planned (lol) so it was the perfect excuse for me to see truly how well this dry shampoo worked!
Sectioning my hair horizontally with my fingers, I spritzed the product evenly at the roots with a bit of distance in between so it covered more surface area, and then rubbed/massaged it in with my fingers. I did this all over my hair literally from my nape hairline at the top of my neck, all the way to the top.

I was so impressed with the result! The product was so invisible and lightweight yet gave my hair such natural volume. I have used it so much since even on normal 'clean hair' days just to give myself some volume in the top of my hair and I have definitely had people comment on how voluminous my hair looked! It didn't leave a residue or horrible talcy feeling that I find batiste does. I was just so impressed it literally swallowed up any traces of oil on my hair!

Not to mention the fragrance... my favourite is definitely the Paris one as to me it smells like Coco Mademoiselle, but they all smelt really nice. It's a proper bargain too. Nice packaging, chuck it in you're bag and you are good to go. Well done Ruth! So impressed, really hoping you bring out some more products into your range in the future!

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