Splurging In KIKO

My first stint in KIKO was whilst in Barcelona. Since then I have seen KIKO really explode into the UK beauty scene. You can imagine my delight when I accidentally stumbled across the Westfields Stratford store. In I went, heart on my sleeve and left the store feeling happy, content and oh so excited to try out my new bits. KIKO has quickly become one of my favourite affordable brands that deliver style, beautiful packaging and amazing quality products down to a T. Let me know if you notice a theme..

KIKO full coverage concealer, £7.50, here. This concealer comes in a wide range of shades and is so creamy. I have dry skin and I sometimes find that full coverage creamy concealer often separates throughout the day and often feels like it dries my skin out even more. This one really surprised me. It stayed put, and kept my skin feeling moisturised throughout the day. I like to use this under my eyes to conceal, over my eyelids to create a base for shadow and over any blemishes. It's definitely a multitasker! If I had a brighter shade it would even be really good for brightening under the eyes too.

KIKO lip liner in #310 coral pink, £4.20 here.
This has been my go-to everyday lip product since I bought it back in November, and I'v only fallen in love with it a little more every time I wear it. A gorgeous rosy pink which is perfect for every season! During November and December I wore it with more of a smokey eye, and since the new year where I'v kind of had enough of wearing winter makeup, I'v been wearing it with bronze skin and really nude/minimal eyes and lashes. I can't get enough of it!

KIKO lip liner in #309 crimson red, £4.20 here.
I picked this up as a need product. I didn't generally fall in love with it at first sight and want it, I just picked it up along with some other products in KIKO. I really needed a red lip liner as I had been wearing a lot of red lips over the christmas period and couldn't go any longer without a red lip liner. I'm really glad I did though because its been so handy! It's a really great red that blends really nicely with quite a few different shades. I wear it with the red lipstick I picked up in KIKO that I talk about next.

KIKO lipstick in #607 passion red, £6.90 here.
I picked this up at Christmas time as I felt that I was missing a really Christmassy red lipstick in my collection of lip products. I really love this semi-matte lipstick from the weird and cool packaging that took me a good few minutes to work out how to use... but its consistency, longevity and very christmassy colour just won me over, along with its gorgeous creamy velvet satin finish. Again, I like to pair it with the red lipliner I talked about above ^ as it really just gives it that extra oomph and longevity! A great winter/red carpet red lipstick.

KIKO lipstick in #601 nude rose, £6.90 here
I picked this up along with the rest of some of the products in this post on a whim after going a bit nude crazy! I'v been really loving experimenting with different shades of nudes since I started my new job and I must say I have been loving them. This nude is quite warm so I can get away with it quite well. Like the other two lipsticks in this post, the longevity is really good, but in general like most lipsticks it will diminish once you've eaten and drank, but the colour stays really strong up until that point. I think its a great all round nude and one that I will be taking into the spring with me. I like to pair it with 'Subculture' lip pencil in this post.

KIKO lipstick in #910 baby pink, £3.90 here.
Certainly not my favourite lipstick/product I'v ever bought, but, I thought I would include it for those of you who really like this kind of colour. On a positive note, I love the consistency and the longevity of this lipstick, and the packaging is extra cute and so I definitely want to go and pick up a few more colours that are more me, but personally this pink just isn't one of my favourites. A little too barbie for me! Who knows, with a tan, a cocktail and some summer sun you may see me sporting this in the warmer months! Watch this space.

KIKO bronzer in #100 honey beige, £9.90 here. I'v used this bronzer on and off for a while now and it never dissapoints. It's my all over bronzer when I'v been on a hot holiday, or when I'v slapped on the St Tropez. It also does a really good job at contouring when I'm sporting more of the 'English Rose' look- aka a ghostly white. It has a really subtle shimmer in it that isn't overpowering-hence being acceptable for contouring but gives you a nice sheen. It comes in a few different shades but I think this one is really versatile!

I absolutely love KIKO. It's the one brand that I would say has drugstore prices but definitely holds the quality of high end makeup which is so rare! Have you ever shopped in KIKO? What are your thoughts on the brand?

Here's a picture of my favourite lipliner from the stash- #310 coral pink. (Also shown in the first photo)


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