The Start Of A New Adventure: Starting My YouTube Channel

It's been a long time in the making, and I mean a long time, but I'v finally finished the project I have been working on since December! I'm starting a YouTube channel! I thought I would just write a hopefully short but sweet introductory blog post for those of you who may have found me on YouTube and are coming over to my blog, or your a regular reader and want to know a bit more about me and why I'm embarking on this, erm, hopefully exciting and positive adventure!

I have watched my favourite YouTube beauty gurus grow and develop so much online over the past few years, and it's always something I have wanted to get stuck into. Since 3 years old I have been a dancer, I took art at school and studied Dance at University so I have always been a very creative and artistic person. I started my blog whilst I was at uni and since then have really wanted to start my own YouTube channel, it was just getting the confidence to sit in front of a camera and seriously film myself. You can ask my best friend, the amount of times I told her I wanted to do it but the thought of   filming myself was just a little strange! Being a perfectionist, I always want everything I do to look as professional as possible, or for it to at least come across as though I know what i'm doing. Aesthetic-wise, when I am planning my blog posts I always make sure that I am trying to achieve everything I love about my favourite bloggers posts, such as quality in photography, artistic set ups and a professional looking website, and that is exactly what I aim to achieve on my YouTube channel.

I'm still a beginner, both in blogging and YouTube and there is a lot of equipment photography and editing-wise that I really want to get to make my videos and blog posts that much better, but obviously I am a working girl from a working class background and so whatever I want, I have to earn it like most people in this world and sadly payday only comes once a month. And lets face it, the majority of the things I want require about 3 full months wages. Ergh.

So yes, the reason why. I decided last year at some point that I was going to start one. It was actually my last years new year resolution but it took me a whole year to persuade myself! Luckily whilst at uni I was trained in iMovie and completed a whole module on dance for camera, where I learnt about using a camera and how to take good movies etc. It was actually really interesting and so much fun. Being the creative gal I am, I absolutely loved editing the videos and had so much fun editing this one!

As a make-up artist, and someone who loves giving help and advice to people, I'm so excited to begin creating content and share with you lots of different make-up tutorials, hauls, monthly favourites, Get Ready With Me's, fashion and lifestyle bits and bobs, cooking and baking and hopefully even one day I will start vlogging but I need to learn to walk before I can run! I also need to get confident in talking in front of the camera too.. agh! So without further ado, I will link below my first ever YouTube video. I will leave a link to all the products mentioned below too.

Last but not least- please be nice! I know the world of YouTube can be amazing but also very mean. I am just a human being following one of her many dreams and lets face it nobody's perfect and I won't be everyones cup of tea. All comments are more than welcome as long as they are constructive and can help me become a better YouTuber! I thought it would be fitting that my first ever video is kicked off with one of my favourite types of video- a Get Ready With Me! 

Lots of love, Enjoy!
KIKO lipliner in '310', £4.20 See it in action in this post

ASOS Coat- Similar here
Zara Knit- Similar here
Topshop Leigh Jeans here
New Look Boots- Similar here (I also have these boots which are a little higher but look amazing on!) here
Zara Bag- Autumn/Winter 2014 I can't find online sorry! This one is lovely too though! 


  1. We are in the exact same boat hun, just started my channel aswell
    check it out: Iam Adija.k
    Loved the vid and subscribed x

  2. Great post! love your blog.

    Would you like to follow each other?
    let me know if you follow me, and I will follow you back after it.
    thank you!

    Tom and Tins


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