A Drugstore Dupe For Kimmy K's Favourite MAC Lip Pencil

I have been loving nude lips at the moment across the board. My favourite ones currently are MAC's Spice and Subculture lip pencils, MACs lipstick in Freckle Tone and Cherish, and more. Seriously I don't mess around with my lipstick collection. Subculture is one that I have been wearing lots on its own, and as a base for other lipsticks too. After it being revealed somewhere on the internet that Subculture is a personal favourite of both Kim and Kylie (from the Kardashians, obvs) it has been out of stock everywhere and so made it pretty difficult to get your hands on ever since. Luckily for you, I have stumbled across what I would call a pretty amazing dupe for you guys for just £2.50 that saves you exactly £10 Great British Pounds. You can thank me later.

You all know that I'v been just a little bit obsessed with KIKO over the past couple of months for its amazing quality products at such competitive prices, and on one of my most recent trips to the store, I picked up a new nude liner. Nude liners are a must have, because they literally can work with any look. I personally pick up ones that have a hint of peach or pink in them just so as to not look so washed out. When I got home, habit has it I tried on my new gorgeous lipliner and I thought hmm why does this look so familiar and then it clicked that it was basically the long lost identical twin for MACs Subculture lipliner. The only difference is Subculture has a hint more peach in it, and the KIKO one has more of an orange/brown tint in it. Similar to MACs 'Freckletone' lipstick. 

At a quarter of the price you can't go wrong. I'v said it before and i'll say it again, the quality in KIKO products reflects that of a very expensive high end product. I can vouch on that for the bronzers, concealers, lipsticks and lipliners. The next purchase I think i'm going to make is their new foundation. It looks so good. I definitely recommend having a look online and definitely going into store if you are near one.

Top Picture- Subculture
Bottom Picture- KIKO #700

Do you have this lipliner or a similar dupe? Let me know!



  1. It looks like a great dupe !!

  2. Great comparison! I've only tried two Kiko products so far (both eye products) but I loved them. I've started to use lip liners recently so it's nice to see a dupe of a MAC lip liner as they're not something I tend to splash out on.

    Tara Eavan x


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