Birthday Bits & Pay Day Treats

I'm introducing a new type of post this month, where I'm going to talk about new bits and pieces that I treat myself to after payday. I don't always treat myself as I'm trying to save as much as I can, but if there is something I have had my eye on and I want to save up for then I will. And also sometimes when you find a bargain how can you refuse! I also think as much as it is important to save for your future, when you work hard and earn your living it is ok to treat yourself too, otherwise life can become a little bit boring.

If you follow me on social media you will know that it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I received some really lovely and thoughtful gifts. I also got given some money from my family to do with as I wish. Mummy bought me my DIOR Star foundation, and my Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, as she knows that they are my go-to products at the moment. She also knows that I cannot go into spring/summer without my trusty Chanel Creme bronzer. I'm going to do a full post on them soon as I have mentioned them now in a few posts but never written a detailed review as to why you NEED them in your life.

With the money I got from family, I picked up another two products. I have had my eye on a Bobbi Brown bronzer for a good 6 months now, and so I picked one up in Harrods. I was after the colour medium, but then when I looked at it in the flesh it was far too red toned for my yellow undertone skin and so picked up golden light instead. I'm currently using it every day at the moment and so far i'm loving it, but it does take me a few weeks to decide how I feel about something. I am a sucker for packaging though and Bobbi Brown have hit the nail on the head with this one.

I also picked up the Chanel Perfection Lumière long-wear fluid foundation with SPF 10. I actually received a tester of this along with my bronzer, and wore it on my birthday. Brave I know. All day wherever there was some sort of mirror I kept catching myself and thinking damn girl your skin looks good. I have tried the majority of Chanel foundations now from the Vitalumière, Vitalumière Aqua, Perfection lumière velvet, and now this one. I have absolutely loved every single one of Chanel's other foundations but they are definitely dewy, and we all know how much I love dewy skin. However, the lift lumiere is actually Matte. If you would of asked me a few weeks ago if I would spend £36 on a matte foundation I would have said no chance, but I have been so pleasantly surprised. This foundation is matte, and has a velvety finish, but somehow I still find it has a little pearlescent finish to it which I absolutely LOVE. I'm not sure how they have combined matte and pearl but I'm definitely not complaining. Who knows that could just be my skin type! But again, full post to come on this foundation too.

Have you tried any of these products? Leave a comment down below telling me if you have tried them, what you think about them, or even if you haven't but really want to! You can also come chat with me on Twitter, and follow my photo diary on Instagram. I'm a little bit obsessed.

Also, on a side note, I have decided to remove all my tags and labels for my blog posts and am just categorising my posts into simply 'makeup, skincare, hair and body.' I think it will be less confusing and if you are a regular to my blog than you will know about the monthly things I like to talk about, such as my monthly beauty bag etc. I have a had another blog makeover and I want to make it more easier and inviting to navigate around so I hope you understand! Also I have a blog archive and search bar, and because I don't post every day it will be quite easy for you to find a specific post you were looking for, or catch up on posts you may not have seen. You can also follow me on Bloglovin' here, and get updates straight to your email of when I upload.

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