Mothers Day Photo Diary & Raising Awareness For Cancer Research- Our Breast Cancer Story

Now I have the colour back in my hands and some warmth through my body, I thought I would sit down and blog about my morning (this morning) with my gorgeous mummy and brother. Being mothers day, Matt (brother) and I took mum for a good and proper typical hearty English fry up, and we took some pretty fun pictures along the way which I am going to share with you! I also wanted to ask for your guys help, and thought being Mothers Day, that today would be very fitting. I am going to share a really personal experience with you and I want you to know first and foremost that I share this with only two aims- to raise awareness and to help raise money for Cancer Research, not for pity or sympathy! On the 9th December 2014, my family and I were hit with a huge shock when we found out that our gorgeous beautiful mummy had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer..
At present, we (I refer throughout this post to this experience as 'we' because my family and I stick together and we deal with things always and forever together) are about to begin our fourth and final week of Radiotherapy. Mum is doing absolutely amazingly and the whole process from the very beginning has been so smooth and completely free of stress and worry thanks to the absolutely amazing nurses, doctors, surgeons, HCAs and everyone else at the hospital where mum has been treated, and we can't thank you all enough! So this year, I am running the Race For Life (for those of my readers outside the UK the Race For Life is a 5km run that happens annually all over the UK where we raise money for Cancer Research). My mums aim is to run it with me following completion of her treatment, and I couldn't be more proud of her!

Raising Awareness
Throughout this whole experience, the thing that has stuck the most is how important it is to raise awareness, and so with my mums support, i'm going to tell you a little bit about her story in hope to help if only one person to catch any early signs of Breast Cancer.

A few weeks prior to the 9th December, mum, along with other women in the area arrived at the hospital for her first mammogram after turning 50 this year. I'm not sure if you know but women are called for their mammograms in postcodes, and so just because you turn 50 it doesn't always mean you will be called straight away. You could be 52 or older before your area gets called and this is why we want to help raise awareness! Both my mum and I regularly check for lumps and bumps, but this time the cancerous lump that mum had was not easy to find standing up. When you are doing your routinely checks, please make sure that you thoroughly check, standing up, laying down, upside down and back to front if that is possible! When you put yourself in different and awkward positions, you can expose different areas of your chest. If mum had only known about this, than we may not have ever been in this position. So whoever you are reading this post, tell all the women and men in your family and friend group, young or old to please please please do a thorough examination on yourself regularly! My mum follows (minus today's fry up obviously) a predominantly healthy lifestyle eating a balanced diet and exercises 5 times a week. We have had no previous family history of Cancer and so it just goes to show that this disease can effect even the most unassuming human being.

Raising Money
I count myself lucky every single day to have my mum around to watch me grow up and share life experiences with, and I want you, to help me make sure that other children/ mothers/ brothers/ sisters/ aunties and uncles are able to have their loved ones around too. I have seen first hand, and after speaking to and listening to other women's experiences with returning Cancer, how much treatment has progressed with the money we raise. This can have such a positive effect not only on the treatment of Cancer, but also on the persons mental and emotional state whilst going through this. The support system is incredible and it certainly takes a lot of stress and worry out of coping with Cancer which is so so so important. Trust us when we say your donations really do make a difference.

So, with all this being said, I am going to leave a link to my Just Giving Page here, and down below too, so if you would like to sponsor me and make a donation to Cancer Research, I would be so grateful. You can sponsor anonymously, but you can leave a message too and your name if you wish. If you make a donation, however small or large, please leave me a comment down below, or message me on Twitter so I can personally thank you! Also I ask for you to share this page on your Facebook and Twitter, or any Social Media you have in an attempt to help me raise awareness to as many people as we can! Together we can all help to find a cure for Cancer quicker.

P.s HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Go give your mummy or someone you love a big squeeze and tell them you love them <3

Now for some of our photos from this mornings walk and big yummy breakfast (which there are no photos of as I was too hungry and needed to scoff it down me as quick as possible).

Cosy Blankets For The Cold

I definitely had the coldest hands!


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