How To Achieve Glowing Bronzed Skin This Summer With Chanel

I'm pretty sure I wrote a post on this product when I first used it either a year or two years ago. Since then, I feel like there is a massive hole in my collection when I have run out of it. Now I know it has been a bit of a controversial product over the bloggersphere, but I am here to sing it's praises so if you are looking for just one more reason to hand over your hard earned cash, then here's why I think you should.

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel is like no other cream bronzer I have ever tried before. You can see as soon as you open that shiny black lid with those dreamy Chanel C's on, that it has been so lightly whipped. That look and feel transfers exactly onto the skin. I like to use a synthetic brush when I apply creme products, because I think it applies much nicer and for this product in particular I like to use a smaller brush or an angled brush.

The product itself is universal, meaning that it can be applied onto your face and body. Now I love using this bronzer over the top of my foundation, and dusting it in the usual bronzer places- cheeks, forehead etc etc. It gives my skin this gorgeous, dewy, bronzed look that is really unique in comparison to other creme bronzers. It is quite a light bronzer, and I think everyone is waiting for Chanel to bring out a few more darker shades, and so that is the reason why I can understand that for the more darker skin you don't achieve the same effect. I would probably say that it would be a great product for everyone up to a dark, olivey, italian skin tone. Sometimes it is even nice to just apply underneath as a base or bronzer, and then apply a powder bronzer over the top for a bit more depth. The options are endless with this product.

I also love using it as an eyeshadow, whether it is all over my lid, or just through the crease- it is one of my all time favourite products to use on my eyes and face. Lastly, it is a perfect holiday product. When I went on holiday to Dubai, as soon as my suntan built up I didn't feel the need to wear a tinted moisturiser or foundation, I used this purely on its own, all over my face and I absolutely loved it. I would never ever go away on holiday again now without it in my makeup bag!

If your off on holiday soon, you should totally consider it! I'm off in a few weeks time and there will definitely be a designated space for this baby.

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, here

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