Mastering the Strobing trend

This post is going to be my take on the current makeup trend- 'strobing'. This is a makeup trend that was undeniably made for me. If you know me then you know that dewy, glowing and radiant skin is my absolute go-to look. It doesn't matter what occasion or season it is, you can guarantee i'll be rocking some sort of highlighted, radiant type products. In this post I show you which products I use to create a 'strobed' effect, and how to use bronzer to warm up your complexion without taking away from your fresh, glowing skin. Oh, and I use all drugstore products for this look! Affordable glow? Count me in...  
So the first thing you want to start off with is a moisturiser. This doesn't necessarily have to be a moisturiser that is going to give you added radiance but if you've got one then you should use it for sure! I used the Raccine Ultimate Hydra Perfection, Luminous Gel. Although this isn't exactly drugstore, I really wanted to use it to show you the effect a luminous moisturiser can give! Ok I promise the rest is all drugstore hehe.
If you like using primers, then you should pop this on next. Make sure that it is not a primer that is going to mattify your skin as we want to keep it looking as natural as possible. Although I didn't use a primer, I did go in and apply my new luxe shimmer highlighter in 'Light Gold' by MUA- which I can't get enough of- and swiped this directly onto my skin and applying it all over, just avoiding the centre of my face, (T-zone area) and the sides of my nose as this part of my face is extra rounded and I don't really want to emphasise that! I then just used my finger to blend it all in. As it is essentially a cream product, just in stick form, it blends really beautifully on moisturised skin!
I then went straight in and used my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation over the top of this. This foundation gives a good medium coverage, but it isn't heavy. You can still see your skin coming through which is lovely. It is extra extra dewy and smells amazing, I love it! I then applied my Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Light, and popped the darker, peachier shade under my eyes. I haven't blended it in the photo above so you can see where I applied this.
I then used the lighter/yellow shade from my Kick Ass Concealer duo, and applied this onto the areas which I want to highlight. This creates the base of your 'strobing' routine. In general, apply this in a V shape underneath your eyes, bringing it into the corner of your eyes, down the side of your nose and swept up to your temples. I also like to pop this down the centre of my nose, on my cupids bow, on my chin and the centre of my forehead. I then add a small amount above the centre of my eyebrows. 

Before blending in my highlighter, I wanted to add warmth to my face. You don't have to use a bronzer for this look, you can just stick with blusher but I fancied trying out a new product so I used a cream product very lightly under my cheekbones, down the sides of my nose and on my forehead. I applied this very lightly so it didn't look like a contour, and then just used a Real Techniques buffing brush to blend everything in together.
To highlight my cheekbones, I used this absolutely gorgeous pearly toned highlighter which only cost me £4.99 from super drug! I'm not 100% sure what the brand is actually called- it it I Heart Makeup? Not completely sure but you can purchase this baby here. I absolutely love the packaging it is so cute and the product is really good. It isn't as pigmented as I was hoping, but actually it gives a really gorgeous natural glow. What I love is that it doesn't look glittery and the product isn't powdery. It's so annoying when products are powdery! So I just took an angled brush, and applied this onto the top of my cheekbones and blended it slightly outwards so to give my cheeks a really gorgeous glow. I also put this on top of the areas which I highlighted with my Kick Ass Concealer- the top of the centre of my eyebrows, centre of my nose, cupids bow and chin. I also popped it in the inner corners of my eyes.

For blush I went in with one of my favourites. This is 'Dainty' by MAC and is a gorgeous and subtle fresh, pink blush. Not only does it add a light pink colour to your cheeks, it also adds a little glow which I love. A 'luminous, pearlised shimmer' according to MAC and I couldn't agree more! I used my blush brush to blend this out into the rest of my highlighted cheeks and I love the effect! 
So this is my finished look. I decided not to completely edit this photo - may have brightened it a little so you can see the full effect, but I just wanted to show you just how much you can give yourself radiant and glowing skin so quickly and easily! You can tell why the strobing trend has been so popular! Also it's another great marketing campaign for makeup brands to latch onto so I expect we'l be seeing lots of new limited edition launches flying around the beauty scene! In the photo below I wanted to show you the difference in adding a gloss to your look. The lip colour below is a fuchsia pink kind of colour. It is a lip lacquer from Bourjois and they're lovely and glossy.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and love the products I used to create my own take on the Strobing trend. I have lots of other lovely products to create this look so if you are interested in me writing a post on strobing with more luxury high - end products then leave me a comment! If you want to see my current favourite drugstore berry lipsticks that I am going to be getting lots of wear out of in the upcoming season then just click here. I hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday weekend and making the most of it despite the typical British weather! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' and check out (and please subscribe!) to my YouTube channel. Im currently editing a lovely, natural makeup look so keep your eyes peeled for that. Also let me know of any videos you would like to see! xoxo


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