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Over the past year, I have been using three different products from Kosé. The serum, eye cream and moisturiser. Kosé is a Japanese brand, and is all about radiance, hydration and younger looking skin. In general, it's advertised for more mature skin, but it doesn't stop me from using it. I absolutely love it and when I feel like my skin needs a pick me up, Kosé is my first port of call.
The serum is definitely a unique consistency. The majority of serums I use are quite light in texture but always come in a cream like consistency. This serum however, is the same consistency as water, just with a more cloudy colour. Kosé products are made with Rice extract, and so the cloudy colour is due to this. It is just really refreshing and sinks straight into your skin leaving you feeling really hydrated and refreshed.

I would say that the texture of the eye cream and the moisturiser is exactly the same, sometimes when I misplace the two I forget which one I put on! They are very rich creams, and so the consistency in both is quite thick, however they sink seamlessly into the skin and don't leave you with a horrible thick layer of cream feeling on your skin which you often get with richer creams.

Overall my skin has really got on well with Kosé. I feel refreshed, hydrated, and very moisturised! It lasts the whole day and I don't feel my skin getting crackly and dry throughout the day- which is good  especially for the fact that I am also around hairdryers all day. So if you fancy trying out this brand but not sure on spending out on all 3 products, I would recommend picking up the 'Special Starter Kit' which is £39. If you're looking for something new to try, then try Kosé. You can trust your skin is going to feel very loved after using this!

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KOSÉ Cell Radiance Replenish & Renew Moisturizing Cream, here
KOSÉ Cell Radiance Revive & Revitalize Moisturizing Eye Cream, here

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