Say Goodbye To Tangled Hair

It's not just people with extra thick long, frizzy, curly hair that have to mentally prepare themselves to wash their barnet. As a blondie, my hair is prone to becoming extremely tangled after its been washed. I literally have to mentally prepare myself because the thought of knowing I've got to sit there and painfully brush all the knots out for the next 15 minutes is horrifying. However, with this new product, I have been able to cut down my detangling from around 15 minutes, to probably about 3. Yeah- i'm not joking either.

This Kevin Murphy de-tangler has honestly been my fairy Godmother. Usually after washing my hair, I have to separate it into sections just to be able to comb all the knots out. It usually takes around 15 minutes, is quite painful and makes me completely frustrated and impatient and generally just makes me moody. But, since I have been using this, my hair de-tangling routine has literally over halved in length, is completely pain free and leaves my hair super soft.

I literally just spritz this through my hair- i'm quite generous with it and without sectioning my hair, I just take my tangle teaser and I swear it's like magic. The knots seem to just dissolve and I can brush through my hair from root to tip with almost no tangles at all. I am honestly amazed by this stuff! I have since run out and need to repurchase a new one as I have never found anything quite so magical!  If you're like me and can't bear the thought of brushing your hair after its been washed then I beg you to try this out. You will forever thank me!


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