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Pinterest is one of my favourite places to save images and ideas whether it's fashion, beauty or food related. I have always been slightly obsessed with interior design and I have a fair few boards dedicated to Home Decor. In this post I thought I would share with you some of my favourites pins from my Office Inspired Pinterest board.

Office Desks
Marble tops are aesthetically pleasing but glass tops give the appearance of a bigger room. Top of my priority list for a desk however is something that has a huge surface space.

Office Chairs
I'm quite drawn to fabric chairs. I do love a very plain and light canvas and so bringing in a pop of colour is quite important to balance everything out whether it's your desk chair, or your accessories or even a feature wall if you have that much space! Here's some vibrant looking chairs that I think are gorgeous and would add a pretty colourful pop.

Wall Decoration
Sometimes these quotes that go flying around social media can get a bit cringey, but there are a few quotes that I like to remind myself of every now and then. I won't bore you with the details but I like to think when I do design my own office, that I will have one or a few of my favourites up on the wall or in a photo frame. I really like wall art but it has to be minimalistic. Something to create a bit of depth, dimension and interest!

I love the look of industrial lighting but also love the ambience you get from warm, cosy lighting. I am definitely not the girl who will drape fairy lights over every wall, bed, cushion or furniture in sight, although I am partial to a subtle (if that's possible) fairy light here and there.

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Disclaimer: The photos used in this post have been saved from my Pinterest boards, but are not my images. The above photos have been pinned from other user's Pinterest boards onto my own.

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