Do you change your fragrance for spring and summer? I'm the type of person to stay happily within my comfort zone with my perfume. I have a select taste and I like what I wear- it makes me feel like me. It wasn't until I was contacted to ask if I wanted to collaborate on a blog post for Clive Christian that I realised just how long I have been wearing the same perfume. I know you want to know how long, so let me tell you, it exceeds 6 years! I thought what better way to let my 'perfume guard' down and try something new.

*This post is in collaboration with Clive Christian*

This collaboration has inspired me to go and test out some new perfumes, and see if there is room in my small collection for something new. If you are a narrow minded perfume girl like me, then have a look at a few select perfumes that I have tried and tested below that come highly recommended by et moi..

1. Clive Christian 'Cosmos Flower- Feminine Edition'
As this post is in collaboration with Clive Christian, I thought I will kick it off with this particular fragrance first. This perfume definitely isn't for the faint hearted. With a very luxury price tag, you'll want to be sure that it's right for you. If you are in the London area then I would recommend popping into Selfridges or Harrods so that you can experience it for yourself but to me, despite it being a very strong and concentrated scent (think Dior Pure Poisin or Jo Malone Oud and Bergamot), it was so feminine, fruity and floral like the name suggests. I noticed that the scent lingered around on my jumper throughout the entire day and into the following day, and that was just one spritz! The perfume is called 'Cosmos flower- feminine edition' and has a blend of cosmos flowers, jasmine, plum and cocoa. I would definitely class this as part of your fruity perfume range.

2. Escentric Molecules 01.
I like to be different from the crowd where I can sometimes, and for me perfume is one of them. The only instance i'll be completely hypocritical with is Chanel perfume. I do like my Chanel Chance and Chanel Mademoiselle which I would say is quite a popular range, but along with this particular perfume, Escentric Molecules 01, I really feel that they both give off a completely different scent on different people. This particular perfume is actually designed for both men and women, it has only one note or 'compound' in its formulation and is designed to adapt to the wearer, and also develop throughout the day. How cool right? I absolutely love this fragrance and I think there is something very enticing about it.

3. Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber
I absolutely love Jo Malone- who doesn't? There is something so luxurious about the brand that makes you feel that every penny spent on your perfume is worth it. I have tried a handful of Jo Malone perfumes and if my wages allowed it, this would be the first brand that I would look to extending my collection with. One scent that I do really love is Earl Grey and Cucumber. I love earl grey, I love cucumber and so it's only natural that I would love a fragrance combining to the two. Super fresh and unique and one of those scents where you just have to know what that person is wearing. 10/10 from me! If you're a bit like me and love Jo Malone but can't stretch your monthly budget that far for her full collection of fragrances then why not try her miniature set. It's a great way to get your hands on a small piece of the majority.

4) Chanel Chance Eau Vive
I mean what type of person would I be if I didn't include my favourite signature scent for you guys. I'm currently sporting the original Chanel Chance, as Chance Eau Vive was last years choice and I think next year I will be back to the beginning again with Chance Eau Fraiche, but I just have to share with you all my love for Chance fragrances. They're so fruity and fresh and summery but they literally just smell incredible. I cannot understand anyone who would deny themselves a nice new bottle of Chance every year.. I mean it just has to be done. I genuinely look forward to that annual treat, all to myself!

What are you favourite spring/summer fragrances?


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